Burn the Fat and Keep it off with the help of the HCG Diet

We all know that losing weight is like a yo-yo affair: you lose a fair amount of weight, and due to stress and other factors, you regain it back again, and the cycle repeats. This is a problem a lot of people face, me included.

So you’re thinking, ”How can I burn fat off my body and keep it off for good?” Well, if you ask the modern dieter, they will refer you the popular hCG diet.

hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that comes from a woman’s placenta. This hormone has been extensively researched and it is found out that it can help people lose weight.

What this hormone does is it burns fat stores and it converts it to energy. But, you’re probably skeptical about the energy part of the equation, and that is what most people are doubtful about the hCG diet.

You see, in order for the hCG diet injections to work, you need to inject yourself with the hormone as well as eating meals that are no more than 500-calories a day. 500 calories isn’t much, and on the surface, this diet can be detrimental to one’s health.
DiBut, hCG diet advocates squash all of those doubts and misconceptions. When you’re on the diet, the hCG hormone also maintains your satiety levels. This means that even when you’re only consuming a total of 500 calories per day, you still wouldn’t feel hungry at all. That’s because as the hCG hormone burns the fat, it converts it to calories that is why you feel satiated even with the low-calorie diet.

Furthermore, this diet allows people to burn as much 2 pounds of fat per day. That is a lot of weight in a short amount of time! But, be prepared to spend a lot of money on hCG shots. It is rather expensive and you’ll be spending close to $12,000 for a 6-week supply.

But, if you’re really bent on losing weight doing whatever means necessary, the hCG diet is the right plan of action for you.

In fact, here are some reviews from people who have tried the hCG diet:

Eric said, “At first, I was very skeptical about the diet. I was afraid of eating 500 calorie diets per day for 6 weeks. But, as I am morbidly obese, I needed to do something, even if it was drastic. Thus, I tried the diet and after the 6 weeks of dieting, I’ve lost 35 pounds!

Maria happily said, “Don’t worry about what the critics say, the hCG diet works! It is rather an expensive diet, but the fat loss is significant. Now, I can wear the dress I wore more than 10 years ago thanks to this awesome diet!”

Before you join the bandwagon, please make sure to consult a physician first. Ask about the hCG diet so that your doctor can help you through the process. The hCG diet is a very good diet, it can be challenging, but the rewards are great.