Where to Download Nintendo 3DS and other Games?

When you have a Nintendo 3DS, then get an R4 3DS card to further increase the functionality of your portable game console.

Although the Nintendo 3DS is already great on its own, having an R4 3DS card just elevates what the portable game console can do.

Part of why people get R4 3DS card is because of the fact that they can just download Nintendo 3DS games on the internet for free.

This saves them money and it can also save you storage space in your room as well as getting a lot of games can surely fill up your room easily.

So, if you’ve got an R4 3DS card, where can you download Nintendo 3DS games? Well, in this article, I will share with you some top sites where you can download Nintendo 3DS games absolutely free!

  1. ROM Hustler. This ROM site is completely clean and it displays only a few ads. This site offers free Nintendo 3DS games as well as free Nintendo Gameboy Advance, free SNES games, and free DS games as well. When you download a game from the website, you will be given a zip file. Just unzip the file, place them in a folder on your microSD card and plug it into the R4 3DS card for it to work.
  2. ROM Station. This is another popular website where you can get free Nintendo 3DS games. The games are separated by their first letter but there is also a search bar you can use so that the site can navigate you to your game of choice. Just input the game you want to download on the search bar, click on the search result, press the download button, and wait for it to finish downloading. Again, it will be in zip format and just unzip it and place it on your microSD card.
  3. ROM Nation. Lastly, ROM Nation is a great website to download free games. Although there are some ads, the site is clean and devoid of any malware that can infect your PC. Download the game of your choice and follow the same procedure above.

Now, to complement the R4 3DS card, you need to have a custom firmware installed on your Nintendo 3DS. This is because some games come in .CIA format which may not be supported by some R4 3DS cards on the market.

There are plenty of custom firmware for the Nintendo 3DS out there. If you do not know which one to install, get the Pasta or the Cakes firmware. Both of them are popular and they also have a lot of features as well.

Getting an R4 3DS card is a great investment. Not only will you unlock certain functionalities of the portable game console but it will also allow you to play Nintendo 3DS games for free!

Just go to the sites that I have mentioned above. These sites, although might contain ads, are safe and the downloaded files are always legitimate.