13 Japanese restaurants in Lebanon for delicious sushi and more



Japanese cuisine is very popular in Lebanon and it is not surprising.

With their appreciation of gastronomy and their long-standing tendency to explore the world and its variety of cultures, the Lebanese have developed a strong affinity with Japanese cuisine. And it shows in the success of these restaurants across the country.

Most people think of sushi when Japanese cuisine is mentioned, however, it hardly represents that delicious Far Eastern cuisine which offers a wide variety of traditional dishes.

So, even though we love sushi, it is worth trying some traditional dishes popular in Japan like the tasty Okonomiyaki pancake and Shabu-Shabu meat and veg served with dipping sauce.

Also worth savoring are the grilled chicken and glazed Yakitori green onion skewers in sauce, and the bowl of Gyudon rice topped with beef and onions cooked in a slightly sweet sauce.

Either way, and whatever your preferences, here are some of the Japanese restaurants in Lebanon serving this delicious cuisine.

Some even offer a Zen atmosphere and a unique experience that takes you far to this ancient East Asian country with a rich culture and whose cuisine the Lebanese have readily adopted.

# 1 Mitsu Ya

Located in Beirut (rue Gouraud).

# 2 Aki Beirut

Located at Antelias at Aishti By The Sea.

# 3 NIU Bowl (various locations)

Places: Achrafieh. Mtayleb, Rocca Marina and Broumana ..

# 4 Kampai

Located in Minet El Hosn, Beirut.

# 5 Obi Urban Sushi (Various locations)

Locations: Broumana, Hazmieh, Kaslik, Le Village Dbayeh, Rayfoun and Batroun.

# 6 Tsunami (Achrafieh & Antelias)

# 7 Sushi Star (Various locations)

Locations: Zalka, Ghazir, Baabda, Batroun Square, Rayfoun, Rabieh, Mansourieh, Zouk, Faraya, Tripoli and Centro Mall (Jnah).

# 8 Sashimi Sushi Bar Restaurant (various locations)

Locations: Baabda, Mansourieh and Sin el Fil

# 9 Le Sushi Bar, Downtown Beirut

# 10 Oden (various locations)

Locations: Beit Misk, Mazraat Yachouch and Antelias (Bikfaya Rd)

# 11 Peach & Qatch Sushi

Location: Qoraitem, Beirut.

# 12 Suhiholic (various locations)

Locations: Ghazir Sea Side, Ballouneh, Dbayeh, ATCL (Kaslik) and Mar Takla – Hazmiyeh

# 13 Benihana

Located at Le Commodore Hotel, Beirut.

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