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In the Humanities in Place program, Mellon awards grants to institutions and organizations, not individuals. We are unable to review unsolicited submissions; however, qualified organizations are welcome to submit inquiries. Please do not send inquiries about support opportunities to more than one program. If you already have a Mellon Grantee Portal account, please contact program staff directly. Alternatively, please submit a request through the Recipient Portal at

Program staff review all grant ideas to make an informed judgment on a project’s merits and alignment with Humanities in Place funding priorities. Please note that in response to your request, program staff may request further information on the following: project rationale; the main objectives, activities and expected results; ability of the institution and/or network to carry out the proposed project; project direction; project beneficiaries and demographics; and expected duration and cost. If prompted, the applicant would work iteratively with program staff on developing their proposal, submitting drafts and revisions over several weeks. Once staff agree to a final proposal, they then recommend it to Mellon’s Board of Directors for funding.

Grantmaking Policies and Guidelines

Please see Mellon’s Grantmaking Policies and Guidelines for more information regarding proposal submission, annual reporting requirements, and grant modification procedures.

Please note that the Humanities in Place program does not generally provide support for PK-12 education, social service programs, stand-alone publications, film or documentary projects, private properties or commercial uses, and travel in business class.

If the Humanities in Place program has invited a proposal, please see our proposal guidelines. If you are a current grantee, please see our guidelines for reporting and/or amending grants.

Other Funding Opportunities

The Mellon Foundation supports the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s African-American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, which has supported more than 100 historic sites to date. Learn more about Action Fund grant opportunities.

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