Food 6 Ballygunge Place offers a brand new point of sale on Chowringhee


If the traditional merged with a hint of bling and got more chic, the brand new outlet at 6 Ballygunge Place would be. Located on High Street Chowringhee – one of Calcutta’s most iconic roads, whose name is associated with the culture, history and grandeur of a bygone era – the new restaurant is unlike its siblings that dot currently the city.

The chessboard floor and bonedi bari look-and-feel gave way to a new take on Bengal in a world of millennia and gen Z, with a play of kantha, terracotta, metal bell and tones. hot. Interestingly, with lots of pastels, gold, and flowers strategically thrown around the 2,500 square foot space. The famous exhibition plaques designed by the late Sharbari Datta remain intact. Don’t miss the ceiling wallpaper, which is part of fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s collaboration collection with a renowned painting company.

As you enter the foyer, old Chowringhee executives greet you, in perfect harmony with the concept and location, while Bengali instrumental music plays in the background. It takes you to the 74 seat dining room which has an adjoining bar counter that has not yet served alcohol.

“6BP in its original avatar cannot be reproduced. What can’t be changed is the food, menu, and brand, but the rendering can be changed. We wanted a refreshing look… a touch of bling fused with the traditional. Chowringhee was a main artery for Calcutta at one time and now our presence here makes it very important to us. Residents of Howrah and northern Calcutta will now find it easier to visit 6BP, ”said Sushanta Sengupta, S. Ramani and Aninda Palit, partners of Savourites Group, the parent company of 6BP, who, during her culinary journey of Almost two decades has gained a massive reputation not only among the Calcuttans, but also among people from all over the country, who visited Calcutta at one point.

The original 6BP menu remains unchanged, but expect dedicated poultry recipes, new entrees, desserts, as well as two options for steamed rice – Gobindobhog and Basmati.

Three friends and partners of the Savourites group, (ld) Sushanta Sengupta, Aninda Palit and S. Ramani, who plan to launch a banquet and rooftop lounge on the same premises as the new 6BP restaurant on Chowringhee, which has a total of restaurants in the gastronomic category for four.

Gondhoraj Bhetki Paturi is a new addition to the 6BP menu that will be available at 6BP fine dining restaurants. Priced at Rs 495, this has the mild heat of green chili peppers, fused with coarse coconut and one of Bengali’s favorite ingredients – gondhoraj lebu.

A marriage of technology and traditional flavors. A signature and one of the best-selling dishes – Kasha Mangsho – is cooked using a computer-controlled German oven and is priced at Rs 565. What’s impressive is that it doesn’t there is no change in the flavor and texture of the meat, although it is not slow-cooked on the fire. Tear up a piece of phulko luchi, dip it in the sauce and enjoy the quintessential rich and spicy bangali dish.

The Chandannagar Fried Fish is a testament to the colonial influences on our diet. Priced at Rs 485, the fish stuffed with cheese, parsley and mustard has a lovely crisp exterior when you bite it. The interior is a carnival of flavors with deliciously cooked bekti.

A spacious buffet section is laid out in a vibrant green to give the space a refreshing appearance. This particular service will be available from October 1, with a meal for one at the price of Rs 750 on weekdays and Rs 900 on weekends. The five days of Durga Puja will have a special menu every day, priced at Rs 1250 (non-vegetarian) and Rs 1050 (vegetarian).

The 10-seat PDR (Private Dining Room) at 6BP Handicapped Point of Sale, beautifully blends Bangaliana with the Victorian aesthetic. Pastel walls with wood paneling are juxtaposed with rich flowers and a long white table with a design replicating the Alpona. “We wanted to make this space cozy and warm. We have a lot of senior officers and celebrities who come here and it was always a request from several of them, ”said Ramani, who vividly remembers how the late Dilip Kumar relished the 6BP food in its flagship store in Ballygunge. “He got up to leave after his meal and realized he had missed the last piece of candy. He ate it, of course, and I’ll never forget that day, ”Ramani added.

Entering the main gate and turning left you reach the passage which leads to 6BP. This is the first glimpse you get of what might be in store in the High Street store, designed by Signa Design. The reds of the chandeliers, decorative wall plates and planters against the white, make it a pleasant waiting area, except in midsummer.

6BP dug deeper and included new desserts from neighborhoods like Nadia, on the menu. What looks like a succulent mix of mishti doi and makha sandesh, the famous Kheer Doi straight from the heritage town of Nabadwip is the brightest star on the dessert menu, which also includes sitabhog and mihidana. “We don’t have the expertise to make these (candies), so these come directly from Nabadwip,” Sengupta added.

Photos: Pabitra Das

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