Fort Worth gets a new restaurant with the food power of the Mexican coast and stunning views of the Trinity River


SUnfortunately, the Bartaco in Fort Worth closed last year along the Trinity River. Now we know what fills this premier restaurant space in WestBend, right in the middle of HG SPLY CO. and Ascension Coffee with a spectacular view of the patio of the Fort Worth Zoo.

Brand ownership company reveals that a new Quince restaurant is opening early next year.

The first location of Quince is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It was declared the # 1 rooftop restaurant in the world for the past two years, and previously the # 1 rooftop destination in the world by Robb Report magazine.

A touch of fresh sushi – here the Doble Atun roll.

“We are thrilled with our rental momentum at WestBend,” said Trademark CEO Terry Montesi. “With our best Fort Worth location and the most relevant merchandising, WestBend has become Fort Worth’s go-to project for newer and larger retailers and restaurants, such as Quince. With more to come.

Fort Worth Quince is previewed as a chic yet relaxed atmosphere, with impeccable views by the restaurant’s creator and main partner, Brian Sneed. “(The quince was) created for all ages looking for an upbeat experience with their meal,” says Sneed. “Eye-catching views complementing unexpected entertainment with hip but familiar music will be brought to WestBend.”

Sneed graduated from TCU and saw a lot of change in the city where he attended college.

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“Fort Worth has evolved in so many ways over the past few years and is now ready for our type of dining experience,” Sneed said. “It’s been a long time coming, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to bring my concept home and one of the best views on the Trinity River.

“It is essential that Quince has exceptional views and quality neighboring businesses – and WestBend meets that requirement perfectly. Our global collective menu has been formulated to include dishes people will love and come back for tomorrow. And we’re delighted Fort Worth is experiencing it.

Quince - Aji pepper risotto with beef tenderloin au jus mixes Peruvian and Italian in one dish!
The risotto with aji pepper and its beef tenderloin au jus combine Peruvians and Italian in one dish.

The menu at the original Quince in San Miguel de Allende is indeed global. You can munch on a Thai-inspired ceviche, dine on the res filet with aji amarillo risotto, or nibble on a wide selection of Japanese sushi specialties. Take the Yakameshi Camaron Bowl, an Asian-inspired rice bowl topped with grilled shrimp.

The bar menu features Quince Spirit – a concoction of gin tanqueray with layers of pineapple juice and brilliant hibiscus tea. No word yet on how the Fort Worth Quince menu will be put together.

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