List of restaurants in Manchester, from TV chefs to a Michelin star


While sometimes a dirty burger or a bag of greasy crisps can do the trick, there are occasions that call for something a little more fancy.

We like to call them bucket list restaurants – places you would visit if money wasn’t an issue, or when you’ve saved up hard for a good treat.

In Manchester, these bucket list restaurants take the form of owners of TV chefs, celebrity hangouts and even our only Michelin-starred restaurant.

Celebrate something special or just want a new experience? Here are six must-visit restaurants in our city.


Restaurant Mana in Ancoats

We couldn’t write a roundup of the restaurants on the bucket list without including one that holds a coveted Michelin star.

While there are a handful of restaurants across the region to guide, there is only one that can boast of having a star, and this is the first in over 40 years.

Chef Patrol Simon Martin described the restaurant as “lively, evolving and immersive” with specialties such as caramelized scallop chawanmushi and plum stone ice cream with fermented Manchester honey.

However, if you fancy eating here, you will need to book well in advance.

It is currently taking reservations for September, with October reservations opening in August.


Adam Reid the French way

Chef Adam Reid is no stranger to fine dining and has worked in many Michelin-starred restaurants during his career.

It even landed first for desserts on the BBC’s Great British Menu, with its signature Golden Empire dish.

Diners at The French can expect the same creativity from Adam with the menu putting its mark on modern British cuisine.

Dishes include a turf and surf sausage roll with raw horseradish and chamomile custard, green rhubarb and pink apple.

63 degrees

Located in the North Quarter, the French restaurant 63 Degrees offers diners a taste of Paris with its name inspired by the cooking technique.

With food cooked long and low at 63 degrees, it promises poultry like you’ve never tasted before.

Want to put this theory to the test? Order the 63 degree Poultry, stuffed with candied tomato.

Other dishes on the menu include lobster, scallops and beef tenderloin.



Chivito sandwich from the Electro brunch menu
Chivito sandwich from the Electro brunch menu

While the food can be divine, the setting of this place is what will truly blow your mind.

Set in a converted church in the center of Deansgate, the place has amazing features including a split-level dining room and the original church organ. And with the benefit of an open kitchen, it’s the ambiance that really sets this restaurant apart from the rest.

A steak restaurant serving meaty flavors, the menu features Argentinian steaks with a kick, think chimichurri and chorizo.

There’s also a pretty sizzling brunch menu and more affordable bar food.

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Peter Street cuisine

Roast Chicken with Pepper and Lemon
Roast Chicken with Pepper and Lemon

Japanese and Mexican, not two flavors you would necessarily pair, but at Peter Street Kitchen, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Located in the Free Trade Hall, this award-winning restaurant offers diners a true dining experience with contemporary Japanese dishes paired with the warmth of its Mexican dishes.

For something a little special, diners can book the Hibachi Experience – a table for 12 with a fire pit with dishes including salmon tartare, beef tataki, and king crab tempura.

James Martin Restaurant

James Martin at the restaurant James Martin Manchester
James Martin at the restaurant James Martin Manchester

There is something a bit special about eating at a famous chef’s restaurant, although you know that means you probably won’t eat food prepared by the man himself, it is definitely a something to check off your to-do list.

Located in the Great Northern Warehouse, diners at this award-winning restaurant can look forward to a menu filled with seasonal ingredients showcasing the best of British cuisine with dishes including spicy salt-aged duck breast, brisket Redhill Farm pork and apple pie tatin.

And for a famous chef’s restaurant, the menu is surprisingly affordable. The tasting menu is just £ 35.

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