Ranking the 10 Best Sushi Places in Cincinnati

Although Cincinnati isn’t exactly known for its sushi, it does offer a wide variety of places to grab a sushi roll and egg soup if you look closely.

Luckily, you don’t have to look too far because we’ve got it covered for you. In this article, we share the ten best places to get sushi in Cincinnati.

10. Green Papaya

Location: 2942 Wasson Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209 (Hyde Park)

Coming in at number 10 on our list is green papayaa restaurant nestled between Hyde Park and Oakley that offers a wide variety of sushi rolls as well as amazing Thai dishes.

Their fresh, authentic and tasty rolls draw people in and the unique interior decorations make you want to stay.

Their website provides a nice background on the restaurant:

Green Papaya is locally owned and managed by husband and wife, Sak Kertpet and Sunee (Ta) Panichluechachai, both from Bangkok, Thailand. Sak was a chef in Boston and moved to Cincinnati in 2000. Responsible for running the front of the house, Ta is also a sushi chef. Together they have developed many unique interpretations of sushi rolls, Thai curries and noodle dishes. Sak is happy to cook “Thai style” or adjust the spice level to milder standards; but it never compromises on the flavors and high quality standards Green Papaya is known for.

If you are a fan of any type of seafood, Thai dishes or sushi rolls, Green Papaya is a restaurant you cannot afford to pass up.

9. Thai Mango & Sushi

Location: 7229 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227 (Mariemont)

Next on our list is Thai Mango & Sushian Asian restaurant located in Mariemont known for its high quality sushi and excellent service.

One of their most popular choices on the menu is the sushi bento box, which includes a mix of rice, sushi rolls, and salad.

Their extensive menu offers something for everyone, including egg soup, pad thai, red curry, and a wide variety of sushi rolls.

Be sure to check out Mango Tree if you’re in the area – you won’t be disappointed!

8. Cloud 9 Sushi

Location: 1018 Delta Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208 (Mt. Belvedere)

Next on our list is Cloud 9 Sushi at Mt. Lookout. With a menu that includes dishes like wasabi shrimp, fried calamari, gyoza, chicken skewers, and over 15 different specialty sushi rolls, Cloud 9 offers something for everyone.

They’re known as a popular place to visit late at night, which is evident from their opening hours: they’re open until 2 a.m. every night of the week and until 4 a.m. on weekends. end.

In addition to their plethora of food options, they also offer a wide variety of cocktails and specialty drinks that complement their dishes perfectly.

The atmosphere combined with the unique and fresh flavor of the dishes make Cloud 9 Sushi a must visit place.

7. Wild ginger

Location: 3655 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208 (Hyde Park)

Arriving at number 7 on our list is wild ginger. Located in historic Hyde Park, Wild Ginger offers everything you would expect from a sushi restaurant: great food, friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Wild Ginger is their variety of sushi roll choices. Their dinner menu alone has nearly 50 different options for specialty and classic rolls.

Whether you want something extremely spicy or a little more tame, Wild Ginger is sure to have something that will get your boat rolling.

6. Mei Japanese Restaurant

Location: 8608 Market Pl Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45242 (Montgomery)

Next on our list of the best places to get sushi in the Queen City is Mei Japanese Restaurant in Montgomery. Founded in 2000, Mei offers a variety of authentic Japanese dishes, including sushi, ramen, curry, udon, and tempura. In addition to their high-quality dishes, Mei offers sushi bar seating, traditional tables, authentic Japanese tatami rooms, and even an outdoor patio.

Come for the food and stay for the unique atmosphere.

5. Kumo Asian Fusion

Location: 4990 Delhi Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45238 (Delhi)

Number 5 on our list is Asian Fusion Kumo. Located on the west side of Cincinnati, Kumo is known for its wide variety of classic and specialty sushi rolls, as well as traditional tempura and fried rice.

Kumo is known for its generous portions and most people who stop in know in advance that they will likely leave with a box to take away.

No matter how you slice it, Kumo is well worth the visit.

4. Ichiban

Location: 1020 Delta Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208 (Mt. Lookout)

Next on our list is Ichibana Japanese restaurant located in Mt. Lookout.

Similar to Cloud 9, Ichiban is known for its late hours, staying open until 1am on Wednesdays and Thursdays and until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Although their menu selection is quite varied, Ichiban shares on its website that customer favorites include:

  • Shrimp Tempura
  • Beef Teriyaki
  • ramen, sweet potato roll
  • Volcano roller
  • The famous JTB

Simply put, Ichiban is a go-to bar and restaurant for anyone looking for high-quality sushi in the Cincinnati area.

3. Miyoshi

Location: 8660 Bankers St, Florence, KY 41042 (Florence)

Coming in at number 3 on our list is Miyoshi. Located across the Ohio River in Florence, Kentucky, this Japanese restaurant is one of the most well-known in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky for good reason: their dishes are fresh and tasty, and the atmosphere is authentic.

One of the coolest parts of Miyoshi are their private tatami dining rooms, which offer an authentic Japanese dining experience with a single table set into the floor in the center of the room.

Located 15 minutes from downtown Cincy, Miyoshi isn’t the closest sushi bar for most Cincinnatians, but it’s well worth the trip.

2. Eto

Location: 5889 Pfeiffer Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242 (Blue Ash)

Runner-up for best place to eat sushi in Cincinnati goes to Andōa Japanese restaurant located in Blue Ash.

Known for its authentic Japanese dishes and delicious desserts, Ando is a small family restaurant well known not only to Blue Ash locals, but also to Cincinnati natives in general.

One of the most unique things about Ando is the fact that they don’t serve alcohol, but they do encourage you to bring your own! As they explain on their site:

We do not serve alcohol, but you are absolutely welcome to bring your own! We are happy to relax and serve your drinks while you enjoy your meal. There is no “capping fee” and it’s a great way to save money!

No matter where you are in Cincinnati, the next time you crave sushi, you should consider visiting Ando.

1. Jo An

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Jo An is no longer in business.

Locate the 10 best places for sushi

The map below shows the locations of each of the 10 sushi places listed above.

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