The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in the United States (by TripAdvisor)

Choosing the perfect restaurant to eat at can be a highlight of any trip or simply cap off the celebration of a special moment. It’s no surprise, then, that some lavish lodges have invested in their cuisine, and the United States has plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants, too.

Each year, TripAdvisor publishes a list of the best restaurants in the country based on reviews. They are spread all over the country, but they have a lot in common: fresh ingredients and a great offer and services are part of it. Here are the top 10 fine dining restaurants in the United States.

ten A piece of Greece in San Francisco

According to the Michelin Guide, even Zeus would approve of the dishes served at Kokkari Estiatorio. Located in San Francisco, this restaurant specializes in Greek cuisine, with an elegant and warm atmosphere. Named after a small village in Greece, the place follows the concept of philoxenia, the skill of turning strangers into friends. Indeed, there is no better way to make new friends than to serve great food.

The Kokkari Estiatorio is known for its modern Greek cuisine, and the highlights are the meats roasted over an open fire.

9 This restaurant is based in a transport house

The Circa 1886 restaurant is the best place for a luxurious and romantic dinner. Located in a carriage house in Charleston, SC, the restaurant serves a Southern breakfast. Yet the dinner menu prepared by chef Marc Collins is the highlight, offering modern cuisine inspired by traditional South Carolina dishes.

In TripAdvisor reviews, diners often praise the outstanding restaurant experience because they seem to think about every detail. Besides that, they also have a great selection of perfect wines to accompany their dishes.

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8 This place has been voted the best restaurant in Maui for almost 30 years

Foodies who have visited Maui have probably heard of the Lahaina Grill, as it was voted the best restaurant on the island for 28 consecutive years. The place specializes in new American cuisine, using fresh ingredients purchased from locals.

But what makes it so unique? At the Lahaina Grill, patrons can enjoy sophisticated dishes such as Wagyu Beef Dumplings or Kona Coffee Roasted Rack of Lamb. The place also has top-notch service, and the staff are often described as faultless.

seven The best seafood restaurant in the French Quarter

Many diners have described GW Fins as the “absolute best restaurant in New Orleans.” Food publications highly recommend the fin wing starters, and the dish consists of deep-fried tempura red snapper seasoned with a Korean honey sauce. Another popular option is the Scalibut.

Chief Michael Nelson is all about sustainability and has created dishes where he can use all parts of the fish. Everything comes from local businesses, which makes it even more sustainable. Considering GW’s popularity, it was a great move.

6 There is a three month queue for this restaurant

Travelers who want to sample the famous dishes of Mama’s Fish House must make their reservations three or six months before. The restaurant overlooks Hookipa Beach Park and dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets and fishermen.

The menu features dishes such as Kona Lobster and Maui Coconut Luau Soup and Caramelized Onion Ahi. Guests visiting Mama’s Fish House are often pleased with the food and the views.

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Collage Restaurant, Florida is no stranger to winning awards. The restaurant is tucked away in a charming neighborhood of St. Augustine, and it’s known for its food and service. The owners believe the secret to its success lies in the eclectic menu, and diners can find steaks, lamb, veal and fresh seafood on the menu — all prepared with an international concept.

Like the other restaurants on this list, Restaurant Collage recognizes the importance of having fresh ingredients. They also have a great selection of wines.

4 The best of Mexican cuisine

Thanks to Chef Fernando Olea, it is possible to find the best Mexican cuisine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is responsible for creating the menu of Sazon, one of the best restaurants in the country, offering a combination of traditional dishes Mexican cuisine with an international twist.

The first thing that customers will notice is that the menu offers only a few options, including fish and meat, favoring products available in the region. It is also possible to order a tasting menu at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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3 A paradise for steak lovers

Halls Chophouse, Charleston, is the ultimate destination for steak lovers. the restaurant prides itself on its meat, which is “hand selected, meticulously aged, hand cut to portion specifications.“The menu features filet mignon, dry-aged steaks, and rib eye steaks, among other options. According to reviews, the staff often give an opinion on each steak on the menu, which makes it easier to decide.

They live up to expectations and customers often rave about the quality of the meat at Halls Chophouse. People who aren’t close to Charleston can also find it in Columbia, Greenville, Nexton, and Nashville.

2 One of the best restaurants in Arizona

Cafe Monarch, Arizona is one of the best restaurants in the area, and it’s family owned. Located in charming Old Town Scottsdale, the restaurant offers exceptional service and a sophisticated atmosphere. The menu is constantly changing, and the dishes are prepared with local and fresh ingredients. Customers can also order a four-course menu, and every member of staff is trained to help customers choose the perfect wine.

Customers highly recommend the food, but they also point to the quality of the service.

1 This is the best restaurant in the United States

Inn at Little Washington has several impressive accomplishments: it is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Washington DC, and it has also been named a Forbes 5 Star and AAA Five Diamond restaurant than any other location. The place was also voted the best restaurant in the United States on TripAdvisor’s list.

The the ingredients come from a small farm, and it’s a perfect place for a sophisticated romantic dinner. According to the Michelin Guide, it has great options for vegetarians, but they’ve also highlighted its truffle-infused tartare.

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