Toledo’s Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month celebration on September 18



The Adelante Latino Resource Center needs such fundraising to complement programming for the Latino community. Some previous events have been canceled.

Toledo, Ohio – After having to cancel some events due to COVID-19, the Latin Resource Center in Toledo is ready to make a comeback.

This weekend, Adelante invites you to celebrate Latin culture, food and music.

The Latin Resource Center on Broadway Street offers programs and other services to many Toleduans.

And this Saturday, from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., we are trying to recover by organizing a festival at the Parc Promenade.

“We will be hosting a second celebration of Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month, as well as a presentation of the Cesar Chavez Humanitarian Awards, so we are two people in a community who have truly gone too far to serve. “I congratulate the executive, Sabina Seratos.” Director Adelante Co., Ltd …

But fundraising also helps Adelante complement and add to the current lineup. “Aderante” means “to move forward”.

“My main goal is to connect Latin Americans to mental health services, which is very difficult for many to navigate the mental health system,” said Adelante’s behavioral health navigator. Says Anita Martinez Forger.

“I have an after school prevention program. I taught prevention. I taught my kids how to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and I also tested my social skills, ”added Alfredo Canas, Adelante Inc programming.

The organization wants to go out on Saturday to learn more about the culture and help it achieve its mission.

“It’s great to come together and share the good things that we have here in America, and even here in Toledo we are very lucky to have an agency like Adelante.” said Martinez.

And enjoy all the cultures, food and music while you’re at it Latin culture has to offer you.

“It should be a day for the whole community that does not yet know our culture. It’s a great opportunity to taste and meet our food, ”Kanas said.

Festival goers can enjoy the music and dance of The Bad Boyz with Grupo Vicio, Gabriel Burciaga, Nicolina, La Corporacíon and El Corazon de Mexico. Food and merchandise vendors are on site.

Vaccines will be provided to those who wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The event will take place tomorrow evening from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Tickets are $ 10 and you can buy them here. Alternatively, you can buy it at the entrance.

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Toledo’s Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month celebration on September 18

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