Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Restaurants in Meridian, Idaho | restaurant review

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5. Teriyaki madness

At Teriyaki Madness, you are greeted by the sweet scent of delicious dishes prepared by experts in their open kitchen. The place is open for lunch and dinner and offers delicious food in a spacious dining room. The staff is nice and friendly, and their recommendations are the best.

4. Izumi Japanese Steak House & Lounge

The Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar stands out for its dedication to serving authentic Japanese dishes to the people of Meridian. They have a full bar that serves great drinks like wines, beers, Japanese whiskeys, and cocktails collected from around the world. The place is suitable for groups and children and serves its dishes for lunch and dinner.

3. Shige Express

The fantastic location prides itself on its extensive menu which serves various traditional dishes and some house specials. The service is fantastic and quick, and their dishes are fresh and delicious. They offer curbside delivery, takeout, contactless delivery, on-site dining, beer and wine. Make your reservation and you will be satisfied with their service and delicious Japanese dishes.

2. Yokozuna Teriyaki

The restaurant stands out for its fast service and neat atmosphere. The place is always clean and their dishes are very fresh and delicious. only the best Ingredients are used to prepare all of their meals ensuring they are high quality and fresh. Plus, they offer free Wi-Fi, food service, takeout, delivery, and catering for all occasions.

1. Umai Sushi Burrito

The restaurant stands out for its delicious cuisine and excellent services. The sushi they serve is convenient, delicious and fresh. Their staff is very nice and the atmosphere is nice to host any event. It doesn’t matter how full you are, but I recommend trying their sushi burrito.

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