Creative desire: the Pujas embark on a social message, the care of nature as themes

At a time when the state is preparing to celebrate the international recognition of UNESCO’s “intangible cultural heritage”, the city committees of Durga Puja are working at full speed to justify the label with their display of creativity. . Purbachal Sakti Sangha in Haltu, decided to honor female dhakis (drummers) this year.

They hired 10 female dhakis to be part of their festivities. Shikharani Dhali, one of those batsmen, said, “We are very happy to get the signing amount and the contract for the Puja here. Didi (CM Mamata Banerjee) grant to Puja Committees helps us. Fellow drummers Champa, Sujata, Kajal from Machlandpur say such opportunities will encourage more female dhakis to accept assignments in town.

Talking about why the club decided to hire female dhakis, Nilanjan Sarkar, club secretary and chief organizer of Puja, said: “We try to give importance to women and they also play a role. vital in our Puja.” The idols are made of fibers and discarded plastic bottles with the intention of reusing them. The pandal will also have special effect lighting by cinematographer Premendu Bikash Chaki.

“We plan to hand over the idol as a facility to Hidco after the festivals are over,” Sarkar said. The Dakshinpara Durgotsav committee has engaged actresses Tolly Ritabhari Chakraborty and Monami Ghosh as brand ambassadors.

And they give a social message to quit smoking. “The chairman of the committee, Rajib Choudhury, said, ‘This for the new generation. We also recorded a theme song. Puja, 62, tapped Indian Art College alumnus Papai Santra to shape their theme.

“The main idol (Durga and her children) sits within a heart (shown in red), which is still unaffected by nicotine. The asur (Mahishasura) is symbolic of nicotine, painted in ash. The Lung affected by nicotine was shown with rusty metal (scrap).

The installation will feel like the heart is installed in two lungs,” Papai said. The Nabapalli Sporting Club at Airport Gate 2 promotes Bengal’s dying art form – tepa putul (terracotta toys).

The club engages about 400 families working with clay, mainly from Raghunathganj in Murshidabad, Bankura and Bishnupur. These dolls will adorn the inside of the pandal and the terracotta installations will be placed outside. Nayanashish Das, Secretary of Puja, said, “We are all for maintaining the natural balance. Due to the pandemic, many artisans working with clay have been affected. This work will help them support their families.

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