Biliran welcomes the adoption of a law creating a cultural center and a museum

INHERITANCE. The provincial capital of Biliran in Naval, Biliran. On Friday, May 27, 2022, local officials welcomed the passing of a law establishing the Biliran Cultural Center and Museum to help promote the cultural heritage of the country’s fourth smallest province. (Photo courtesy of Biliran Island PH)

TACLOBAN CITY – Passing a law establishing the Biliran Cultural Center and Museum will help promote the cultural heritage of the country’s fourth-smallest province, a solon said on Friday.

In a Facebook post, Biliran Lone District Representative Gerardo Espina, Jr. said the House bill for the Biliran Cultural Center and Museum had been approved and signed into law in law known as the Republic Act name 11772 “An Act to establish the Biliran Cultural Center and Museum in the Province”. of Biliran, defining its aims and objectives, and allocating funds for this purpose. »

“This legislation will protect and preserve our province’s unique cultural heritage and a legacy that will be cherished for years to come,” added Espina.

The establishment of the center in Biliran is one of three laws signed by President Rodrigo R. Duterte on May 25. Other cultural centers and museums can be found in Kalinga and Misamis Oriental.

Under the law, the cultural center and the museum will serve as an institutional support for the protection, preservation, presentation and promotion of the cultural, artistic, archaeological, social, historical, religious and philosophical heritage of the island of Biliran and of its inhabitants. the richness of their heritage and their relevance to their contemporary and future aspirations.

The provincial government of Biliran shall provide the land necessary for the construction or establishment, or both, of the main venue and the offices and ancillary facilities of the three cultural centers and museums.

Espina said the center is much needed in the province as historical artifacts and objects are scattered across different towns in their province.

The center should compile the musical notes and lyrics of traditional songs, ballads and contemporary musical compositions of Biliran, and collect samples of musical instruments of Biliran origin; publish and disseminate literary works, epics, stories and historical accounts of Biliran; and compiling biliran literature, film or audiovisual recordings of cultural performances in music, dances, oral literature and festival celebrations.

The Biliran Cultural Center and Museum is also responsible for collecting and documenting the religious practices and traditions of Biliran, the context and origin of Biliran celebrations and festivals; and to compile photographs and present the monuments, historical sites and scenic views of Biliran through appropriate exhibits.

Another is to collect specimens from archaeological finds, collect stones, rocks and other geological materials; and preserve samples of flora and fauna native to the province of Biliran. (NAP)

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