Facebook pushes data on harmful children


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Facebook is pressuring the US senator to publish all internal investigations into how the product affects users after a series of exposures about the damage some platforms can do to vulnerable groups, including children.

The US Senate Commerce Committee senator lobbied Antigone Davis, head of global security for the social media company, during Thursday’s inquiry into a hearing on the protection of children and adolescents in line. .. Report on Kiran Stacy and Hannah Murphy.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a document from a whistleblower and how his product affects the mental health of young users, including Facebook’s growing interest in teenage body image. Indicates that you have data on.

Facebook released two of those treaties on Wednesday, but senators are expected to go further and publish any research into the potential damage the platform could cause and the data underlying it. I asked.

Richard Blumenthal, Democratic chairman of the Senate consumer protection subcommittee, accused him of hiding “strong, compelling and fascinating evidence” of the harm the company’s platform is doing to children. He told Davis: “Please promise to fully disclose all of the thousands of pages of documents the whistleblower has and any documents that may be available.”

Facebook’s share has fallen nearly 10% this month as it grapples with the biggest public relations crisis since the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the impact of recent changes to its ad targeting policy. ‘Apple. Madhumita Murgia’s Comments Facebook also has little control over how advertisements target users.

Internet of Things (5)

1. United States on National Security and Cryptocurrency Surveillance
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in the US and Europe Improving information sharing For businesses that pose a risk to national security. His comment on FT is The terms agreed this week According to the White House and the European Commission at the first trade and technology summit in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said cryptocurrency platforms that promise to benefit investors. regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

2. Activist Elliott acquires shares in Toshiba
Hedge fund owned by Elliott Management Building “big” shares At Toshiba, a Japanese conglomerate, people close to the company added what they describe as an activist “Wolfpack” shareholder. Elliott has since been enthusiastic about the Japanese market. He made a big bet last year at Softbank, a technology investment group.

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3. Eutelsat rejects dry offer, Oxford Nanopore soars
Eutelsat, a Paris-based satellite operator, turned down French communications billionaire Patrick Drahi’s unilateral takeover offer is too weak. The offer raised the share price Thursday by 15%, bringing the value of the company closer to an offer of 2.4 billion euros. Drahi, which owns telecommunications and cable assets in France, recently acquired a 12.1% stake in BT in the UK. waiting for, Oxford Nanopore Shares rise 40% or more After the initial public offering in London, it passed 18 months of change for the UK genomics company, which has helped researchers track pandemics.

4. The battle for financing British women entrepreneurs
Data shows that women-led businesses are more difficult to raise initial funds than men and face additional hurdles in persuading investors to spur growth. However, it is still possible. These are 30 founders Someone who built a growing business despite the banned odds. It also reflects Helen Thomas how diverse the venture capital industry is. Only 12 percent of decision-makers in US funds are women.

5. Deliveroo hops to fast grocery stores
Restaurant Delivery Service Deliveroo Dive Into ‘Fast’ Grocery Delivery, has opened its own ‘Dark Store’ in partnership with UK supermarket chain Wm Morrison. Deliveroo Hop will receive orders from South London residents within 10 to 15 minutes. In case you missed it, Tim Bradshaw has seen new types of European grocery start-ups such as Flink, Getir, Gorillas, and Zapp, with more in Sifted and TechTools below.

Transfer of Sifted – European Startup Week

Earlier this month, Aston Villa beat Everton 3-0 in the English Premier League. At first glance, it wasn’t a particularly remarkable game – unless you were a staunch supporter of either club. But what impressed me is that the two kits $ 7 billion in business in just three years. The match was called “Kazoo Derby”. It’s part of the trend for fast growing European tech start-ups. Record amount of funds And we are under great pressure to achieve super-growth – Started sponsoring big events It reaches millions of people. Many start-ups have replaced old non-technical companies and demonstrate a transfer of power from the old economy to the new economy.

Elsewhere European Start-ups This week, Digital Challenger Bank has a new scheme Offer super cheap insurance Sifted The on-demand green grocery business is really ..

Technical Tools – Snack Application Attacks

Ajesh Patalay In the way you use it Admit his addiction to the fast grocery delivery service. After Getir, I was fascinated by Gorillas, which claims a slightly more prestigious product. This includes Bol’s vegan noodle pot (with incredible hot sauce) and the ‘London Local’ collection featuring London Fields beer, Howder Indian snacks, and Hackney gelato. But one morning as I dreamed of a very black pudding, a Clarence Coat egg, an HG Walter sausage and an English breakfast of unsmoked back bacon in bed, the service delivered the ingredients of the dressing gown. After 10 minutes it will be really unique. If they do it for me now. “Learn more

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