NYC gets another vegan fast food joint


New vegan fast food is coming to New York. Called Odd Burger, the restaurant will be the first American establishment of the Canadian company Globally Local.

New vegan fast food is coming to New York. Five-year-old Canadian plant-based restaurant chain Globally Local Technologies Inc. has announced the opening of its first location in the United States in Manhattan. The company, which serves classic fast-food vegan dishes such as burgers, chicken sandwiches and milkshakes, will be renamed Odd Burger.

The upcoming Odd Burger NYC will serve as the company’s flagship location and follow its compact smart kitchen plan. This includes on-demand cooking technology and self-service payment kiosks. The prices are another distinct feature of the restaurant. Most of the items are priced comparable to the big fast food chains. The company says this makes its food more accessible to consumers.

Globally Local Technologies became the first vegan fast food company to go public when it started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange earlier this year. It currently has two locations across Ontario. Five more restaurants are expected to open in the province this summer. Expansion beyond Canada and Manhattan is underway.

“New York is the right place to introduce our concept of vegan fast food in the United States and start our expansion,” said James McInnes, CEO of Odd Burger. The company plans to open 20 locations across North America over the next 12 months.

NYC Vegan Fast Food

Odd Burger won’t be the first vegan fast food restaurant to arrive in New York. Culver City, Calif., Based Veggie Grill chain opened its New York outpost in December 2019 as part of its east-to-west expansion. In addition to the Veggie Grill, Manhattan has a plethora of plant-based fast food restaurants, including Marty’s V Burger, Next Stop Vegan (a family-run establishment where Dominican plant-based dishes are also on the menu), The Organic Grill, Vistro Burger, Bareburger, Par Chloé and Superiority Burger. (The menu is vegetarian, but vegan. Brooks Headley, punk rock musician turned pastry chef turned burger lord, is the owner and chef.)

Odd Burger NYC currently has no opening date. The company plans to open the Manhattan site within three months of identifying the site and obtaining the appropriate permits.

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