Mizu Dubai celebrates its tenth anniversary – News

Serving the finest authentic Japanese delicacies since 2012, Mizu has become one of Dubai’s most successful and highly rated Japanese restaurants.

Embodied in the heart of Downtown Dubai, Mizu takes you on a culinary journey. The restaurant takes great pride and satisfaction in continuously providing an exquisite dining experience of authentic Japanese dishes for all. Mizu serves up everything from contemporary and hearty teppanyaki and colorful curry to simple miso soup and tender sushi. Volcano Roll and Hot Lava Roll are crowd pleasers. Each meal is perfectly organized by top chefs, allowing you to experience the true taste of Japan.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary on January 25, Mizu looks back on its beginnings and has now become one of Japan’s top restaurants. In a place like Dubai, with many other cuisines and restaurants readily available, Mizu strays from conventional standards and offers exquisite and exquisite dishes for every special occasion. With Valentine’s Day being a recent event, Mizu’s chefs prepared delicious sushi that aesthetically represented the celebration while remaining true to its Japanese roots and taste. The sushi was a combination of rice, tuna, hamachi and red peppers served with a special sauce.

Mizu also offers home delivery from various delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Careem, Talabat and Zomato. As part of their growth strategy this year, they are also looking to expand to other locations.

The Mizu Experience is a tribute to those magical moments in life that you can’t wait to share with family and friends. To savor authentic Japanese cuisine, experience excellent service and enjoy a unique atmosphere at Mizu Dubai.

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