One of EPCOT’s NEW restaurants becomes one of the LAST to reopen

Japan is known worldwide for its incredible cuisine. From sushi to hibachi and ancient traditional cooking methods to modern fusion iterations, Japan lacks nothing in terms of flavor or creativity. At EPCOT’s World Showcase, this rich and diverse range of flavors is on full display! The pavilion is home to not one but three amazing table service restaurants, each as different as the flavors found in Japan. One in particular really stands out: Takumi-Tei.

Credit: Disney

Takumi-Tei is the newest of the pavilion’s three restaurants and also one of the most interesting. Here, the natural elements and splendor of Japan combine with the flavors of the island nation to create one-of-a-kind dishes in a peaceful atmosphere unmatched elsewhere on the Disney property. Japanese-inspired dishes like braised wagyu beef, roast duck, maki sushi and yuzu cheesecake take center stage here. I can tell you from personal experience that the wagyu beef here is absolutely life changing.

Takumi Tei

Credit: Disney

The exclusive fine-dining restaurant has been closed since Disney was forced to close in 2020, but according to its parent company, Mitsukoshi, customers will once again be able to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and top-notch food. Next week the restaurant will reopen on November 23, 2022.

When it returns, it will likely come with some menu changes. Very few World Showcase restaurants have reopened as before. There are rumors of a prix fixe menu, which seems to be the direction many iconic Walt Disney World restaurants are heading. Mitsukoshi however did not confirm any menu changes when we called to inquire. They have however confirmed that the restaurant will only be accessible (no reservations accepted) for a certain period of time. They will eventually revert to “recommended reservations” (which, at Disney, means mandatory).

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