Stage-stealing roasted beet salad – Garden & Gun

For 157 years of its 166 year history, Tujagueis proudly served a five-course, host table menu which varied only in the choice of a few Creole starters. But even before the introduction of a more diverse a la carte menu in 2013, Thanksgiving was a bit different, with turkey and dressing supplanting the tastes of almandine trout and chicken clemenceau. Today, the French Quarter institution, considered the third-oldest restaurant in America, still creates a special Thanksgiving lunch that highlights the traditional roast turkey, but chef Gus Martin has also made stars of the early days. dishes to arrive at the table. A standout is its roasted beet salad, amped up with goat cheese, spiced pecans and (mmmm) bacon vinaigrette.

“I love cooking for Thanksgiving because it’s about bringing people together and catching up,” Martin says. “The beet salad is a nice and light way to start the meal before moving on to the heat of the other dishes.”

It’s also a great example of Martin’s focus on seasonal ingredients. “I think beets are so good this time of year, and the best way to eat a beet is roasting it,” he says. “Their sweetness is really complemented by the bacon and goat cheese.”

Harried Thanksgiving cooks take note: While the recipe requires several components to be prepared separately, none are particularly difficult and most can be made ahead. Of course, you don’t need to divulge this to your impressed guests.

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