The Beast & Company goes beast mode

Recently opened on the Near Southside in a historic 1940 building parked on Magnolia Ave., The Beast & Company is one of the city’s most ambitious new restaurants. A joint venture between owner Dustin Lee and chef Michael Arlt, the restaurant serves imaginative dishes based on the business partners’ globe-trotting travels: marinated olives from North Africa, lobster bisque with a Thai twist, rolls of Japanese milk and, among other dishes, Asian dishes Devil’s-style deviled eggs coated in miso and grilled nori.

The Beast & Company’s global cuisine may be new to some foodies. Here are the five must-try dishes of the restaurant.

Meat & Potatoes This 32-ounce rib eye is a real beauty, its perfectly cooked medium-rare interior, its skin expertly charred. It wears a crown of gremolata, a tangy Italian sauce made with lemon and parsley. Next, a huge bowl of Yukon mashed potatoes. Obviously, this is a dish meant to be shared. Otherwise you must be really, really, really hungry.

Eggplant Dumplings What could be considered an aperitif is here a starter. With three dumplings, there’s plenty to eat and enough variety in each bite — charred eggplant, seared bok choy, lemongrass sambal, in coconut broth — to make the dish entree status. All vegetables, to boot.

pork neck Cut from the portion of the shoulder that runs from the neck to the tip of the loin, the pork neck is a rich, well-marbled cut of pork popular in Europe but still looking for a foothold in the United States. Although it is often grilled, The Beast and Company braises it, ensuring a tender-to-the-touch texture. Worth trying the homemade scallop ravioli and seared foie gras sauce.

Redfish court-bouillon This Creole soup dish was inspired by Arlt’s experiences at a restaurant owned by famed Cajun chef Emeril Lagassé. In addition to sautéed redfish, the dish includes smoked mussels, white beans, mustard greens, all perfectly layered in a saffron broth.

Buttermilk Pie The old adage “save room for dessert” must be taken seriously here, or you’ll miss out on one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Cut like a slice of pie, a seemingly simple buttermilk pie is bursting with bright flavors: an addictive buttery crust gives way to an irresistible homemade blueberry jam. Wash it down with a dollop of homemade whipped cream and you have the best dessert this summer.

The Beast & Company, 1010 W. Magnolia Ave.,

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