Top 10 Kiyo Dishes in Kyoto

During its 12 episodes, Kiyo in Kyoto: from the Maiko house shows the process of cooking a wide variety of dishes and their importance in the lives of Kiyo, Sumire and the other maiko.

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The series proves the importance of devoting yourself to a passion, as Sumire is to her training as a maiko and Kiyo to her cooking, treating both jobs with equal respect and showing the care that Kiyo and Sumire have had for one. for each other all their lives. . Whatever meal Kiyo plans to cook, simple or complex, she is met with gratitude and wonder by those who eat her food.


Tonkatsu Sandwich

Tonkatsu Sandwiches from Kiyo in Kyoto

The main ingredient in a tonkatsu sandwich, the tonkatsu itself, refers to a pork chop that has been breaded and then fried.

To ensure that the maiko’s makeup stays intact while they eat their meal, Kiyo serves up these bite-size sandwiches. This regard for maiko is common in anime that easily passes the Bechdel test, and is just one of many instances where Kiyo shows his attention to detail, reinforcing the camaraderie the girls in the house share.

Kiyo’s bento box

Kiyo's bento box from Kiyo in Kyoto

This bento box, consisting of fried pork, rolled omelet, seasoned vegetables, rice, and seaweed was made by Kiyo for Sumire’s mentor, Momoko, after she ran a marathon.

Packed with lots of hearty and delicious foods to restore Momoko’s energy after such an event, Sumire later reported to Kiyo that her mentor devoured everything. That also seemed to have done the trick, considering Momoko continued to do her job and entertain again on the same night!


A split image showing life-size, bite-sized gyoza dumplings from Kiyo in Kyoto

Kiyo makes gyoza (Japanese dumplings, usually pan-amies) in two forms during episode 12 of the show, one as bite-sized pieces for the maiko and the other in their regular form for Sumire during her day off.

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They also come with a difference in filling, as Sumire requests that hers have a lot of garlic. It’s a treat for her because when the maiko are working, they aren’t allowed to eat strong-smelling foods, garlic being the one that Sumire and the other maiko miss a lot. After spending hours anticipating the tasty treat, Sumire happily eats her gyoza, and the rest of the maiko swears to request the same meal on their next leave.


A bowl of chicken and egg rice from Kiyo in Kyoto

Oyakodon is a Japanese donburi (rice bowl) topped with chicken, egg, and scallions, also known as parent-child donburi for its use of both chicken and egg.

It is a simple yet important dish in Kiyo’s story, as it was the meal that gave her the opportunity to become the maiko cook after failing her maiko class. With the former maiko cook struggling with health issues and no other maiko versed in the kitchen, Kiyo took to the task, becoming an instant hit and securing her place in the house.

Fruit sando / Fruit sandwiches

Kiyo Fruit Sandwiches in Kyoto

Nice dishes like Kiyo’s fruit sandwiches Kiyo in Kyoto a strong contender for best food-related anime.

They feature a sweet bread with the crusts cut off, filled with fresh fruit and cream, which are then cut into slices that reveal the aesthetically pleasing cross-sections of the fruit. Kiyo makes this dessert for Sumire when the latter is craving cake around Christmas, with the dish acting as a late-night celebration for the couple as the year draws to a close.

Curry Rice

Kiyo curry rice in Kyoto

Japanese curry and rice are forbidden in the maiko house lest the smell on the maiko’s clothes will make their customers want to go home, but Kiyo relishes the opportunity to do so on her day off.

Packing up his ingredients and leaving to use the kitchen of the now-retired maiko house cook, Kiyo prepares a healthy and hearty meal for the two of them. Although it seemed strange to others that Kiyo spent her day cooking, she still enjoys the process and of course, the results, confirming that her career as a cook is well established.


Kiyo's Shabu-Shabu in Kyoto

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot dish that uses thinly sliced ​​beef, which is cooked in a flavorful broth by those who eat it at the table and served with vegetables and sauces.

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When there is a heating problem in the maiko house in the middle of winter, everyone stays freezing and although they try to get warm, nothing works. Meanwhile, however, Kiyo is on the case, cooking up a comfort food with table-prep aspects that helps warm the maiko as they eat, doing the trick until the heater is fixed.

Ozoni with walnut sauce

Ozoni soup with walnut sauce from Kiyo in Kyoto

Ozoni is a Japanese soup traditionally associated with the Japanese New Year, and its main ingredient is mochi rice cakes, simmered with vegetables and sometimes meat in broth.

When Kiyo and Sumire return home to Aomori Prefecture for the festivities, they help Kiyo’s grandmother prepare a regional version of the dish alongside their childhood friend Kenta, adding walnut sauce to soup. In a sequence that illustrates why Kiyo in Kyoto is a casual anime to unwind, the group cooks the ozoni while reminiscing about their childhood before enjoying the delicious meal together while it’s snowing outside.

Nabekko dumplings

Nabekko Dumplings from Kiyo in Kyoto

Nabekko dumplings are another regional Aomori dish that Kiyo and Sumire grew up eating on holidays. It is composed of a soup made from sweet red beans and small dumplings of wheat.

Bringing nostalgia to life for her hometown in Kyoto to life, Kiyo prepares this dish for herself and Sumire when Sumire makes her maiko debut. Giving its viewers the opportunity to discover Japanese cuisine and its regional variations Kiyo in Kyoto one of the best new anime in 2021, as Kiyo and Sumire eat this childhood dish and reflect on how far they’ve come, it’s heartwarming to watch.

hot cakes

Sumire carries a tray of buns to Kiyo in Kyoto

A dish familiar to Western viewers, Kiyo makes buns (or pancakes) for maiko with fillings that include butter, syrup and honey.

Kiyo’s buns look incredibly fluffy and are enjoyed by everyone customizing the dish to their respective tastes. The cooking of this dish also leaves room for a sweet moment between Kiyo and Sumire, as Kiyo rushes over to bring Sumire’s honey, her favorite topping. In response, Sumire states that Honey will be her choice for life, showing that despite the two’s divergent career paths, some things will always remain the same.

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