Celebrity chef David Myers presents Adrift Burger Bar at Expo 2020



While 2020 has been a difficult year for most of the food and beverage industry, Michelin-starred chef David Myers has decided to put his excess free time to good use.

Myers, who previously spent up to 50 weeks a year traveling, which earned him the nickname Gipsy Chef, suddenly found himself in his Los Angeles home for the first time in over a decade – away of his restaurants, colleagues and friends. . As he puts it, it was a “shock to the system”. But “after a few weeks of binge-watching,” Myers decided to roll up his sleeves and put his time to good use by creating Adrift Burger Bar.

“It was a long-term dream project, based on a signature burger that has followed me around the world, making appearances on the menus of all my restaurants. Adrift Burger Bar was the perfect recipe for a pop-up that could be launched in the midst of a pandemic. It was a simple formula of tasty burgers and epic shakes in a mostly take-out format.

From start to finish, Adrift Burger Bar was created in just a month, something the team even captured in a YouTube series called How to build a hamburger bar in 30 days. This included bringing together friends and colleagues who were “as eager as I was to get the LA food scene back on its feet,” Myers says, and finding a location directly on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The result is a take-out window with a 20-seat table. patio, offering a menu with Californian roots that still pays tribute to his many travels.

When the chef had the opportunity to bring his successful concept to Dubai, launching in partnership with Naim Maadad’s Gates Hospitality company, he jumped at the chance. Myers is no stranger to the Dubai food scene, having opened three venues in the emirate in 2017. He will now present Adrift Burger Bar at Expo 2020 Dubai as a six-month pop-up.

“I can’t think of a better place to kick off the second incarnation of Adrift Burger Bar,” he says. “After most of us have spent much less time traveling over the past 18 months, I know a lot of people are eager to engage with the rest of the world and start exploring different countries and cultures again. . Expo 2020 is an exhilarating global stage that aims to bring people and cultures together through food, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it with Adrift Burger Bar. Together with local operator Gates Hospitality, we will bring a slice of Venice Beach merged with a Tokyo vibe to all visitors to Expo 2020. ”

The Dubai venue will keep most of the Venice Beach menu intact, so guests can expect dishes such as the Adrift burger, the Earth burger, and the Good Morning burger, as well as the famous DM burger (a staple , says Myers). Other intriguing dishes include the curry leaf fries and the chocolate miso caramel milkshake.

Myers also took local tastes into account and added two dishes to the menu: roasted cauliflower with dukkah and cucumber salad, tomato and whipped feta. For those with a sweet tooth, two new desserts – baked cheesecake and chocolate and caramel popcorn sundae – will accompany the myriad of milkshakes available in regular and “adult” sizes.

Unlike the original Adrift Burger Bar in Los Angeles, Expo 2020 Dubai’s partner site will offer indoor and outdoor seating and table service. Visitors can also expect floor-to-ceiling windows, an open ceiling, wood effects that follow the ancient Japanese architectural technique of shou sugi ban, which preserves the wood by charring its surface, and a communal table in antique oak.

“I had always imagined that Adrift Burger Bar would become a fully-fledged licensed restaurant with space for people to come and have breakfast, lunch or a good night out with friends,” Myers says of the expansion of the concept.

Dubai really loves its burger restaurants, and there’s no shortage of creative restaurants that serve the city’s American staple. But Myers thinks Adrift stands out in part because of his travels.

“When I create a new concept or a new dish, I draw on my own encounters with different food cultures and indigenous ingredients from around the world. These encounters also play into the design and aesthetics of each place, adding to the overall experience. With each concept, my goal is to give clients a taste of the journey and hopefully even entice them to get on a plane to explore a destination.

“What I hope to bring with Adrift Burger Bar is both a part of my hometown, Venice Beach, with its effortless vibe and fun spirit, as well as a window into my love for travel, especially at Tokyo, ”he said. said.

Adrift Burger Bar may only be there for six months as part of Expo 2020 in Dubai, but Myers says there are “absolute” plans to make it a permanent fixture in the UAE. “I love spending time in Dubai and being part of the city’s vibrant food scene.”

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There are also many other regional plans for Adrift. “The Middle East continues to be Adrift’s focus, as you’ll see us teaming up with Le Royal Meridien near the luxurious Place Vendôme in Doha to launch two signature concepts early next year. This will be closely followed by the opening of another exciting Adrift concept in New Delhi. “

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