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Mondelez International

Space: A five-storey building made up of new constructions and original structures, one of which dates from 1894 and the other from 1916, in the slaughterhouse district

That he has done: Solomon Cordwell Buenz (office); Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture (reception / retail restaurant)

Cool because: It’s located in Fulton Market, a historic district that has become a bustling food hub where employees can eat at the city’s best restaurants and an on-site bakery and cafe called the Good Ambler. To personalize the spaces, local artists have created bespoke pieces that celebrate the business and pay homage to its historic location. Artworks range from a larger-than-life stack of Oreo cookies to a card featuring 50 preserved raw ingredients from around the world. Design elements emphasize well-being and sustainability: open stairwells, a nursing mother’s bedroom, a quiet room, adjustable standing desks, treadmill desks and a ping-pong table. pong. There’s also a green roof, water-reducing plumbing fixtures, and durable furniture from design impresario Knoll.

Most interesting feature: A unique blend of historic and modern architecture, like century-old beams and an original brick facade juxtaposed with steel and glass.

Why employees like it: It’s all theirs: the company occupies the 83,250 square feet of five-story office and retail space in the building. Employees can enjoy a sense of community thanks to the location of the Good Ambler Café – open to the public – and the reception area at street level. A garage-style door on the top floor opens to a large balcony outfitted with plush seating, tables, and a large island with grill, while an on-site store offers snacks from corporate brands such as Oreo, Triscuit, Cadbury and Sour Patch Kids. Having an after-hours lunch or drink to strengthen the team and network in some of the hottest places in town is literally steps away.

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