Drive-through restaurant proposed for Pike 7 Plaza in Tysons

Pike 7 Plaza (via Google Maps)

Pike 7 Plaza goes all-out on take-out, even with restrictions limiting indoor dining now a thing of the past in Virginia.

When the new coronavirus arrived in Fairfax County in the spring of 2020, Tysons Mall introduced a curbside pickup program. Now, as the pandemic recedes, the property manager Federal Real Estate Investment Trust wants to build on this momentum by introducing a drive-thru restaurant in the plaza.

Federal Realty has filed a special exception request with the Fairfax County Planning Department to allow for a floor, stamp site drive-thru restaurant and outdoor seating area at 8365 and 8371 Leesburg Pike.

“This new use is necessary in response to structural changes in the retail economy that increase the reliance on pickup options in retail operations,” wrote the lawyer specializing in the use of retailers. lands, Greg Riegle. statement of justification on behalf of Federal Realty. “Supporting the retail industry and allowing it to evolve logically is essential to maintaining the viability of planned and developed areas with established retail uses and will benefit the County and the community of Tysons both on the economically and from a service delivery perspective.

Federal Realty declined to comment on its request when contacted by Tysons Reporter, including whether a potential tenant for the drive-through restaurant had been identified.

Current food-related tenants at Pike 7 Plaza include Starbucks, MOD Pizza, Cava Grill, Sakura Japanese Cuisine, and Panera Bread.

“Federal Realty looks forward to making future announcements regarding Pike 7, but at this time there is nothing to report,” said a spokesperson for Federal Realty.

According to plans submitted to the county, the proposed building would be 3,600 square feet and 18 feet in height with 16 parking spaces. The drive-thru aisle could accommodate 11 vehicles, more than double the number required.

Location map showing the proposed site for a drive-through restaurant at Tysons’ Pike 7 Plaza (via Fairfax County Planning and Development Department)

Since the building would be located in a currently unoccupied corner of the parking lot, Pike 7 Plaza would see an overall reduction in the number of available parking spaces from 738 to 679 spaces. The site does not have a minimum parking requirement as it is located right next to the Greensboro subway station.

“The proposed parking is more than sufficient for a shopping center that relies on both public transport and car arrivals,” the statement of justification states.

Federal Realty does not expect the Project to adversely affect neighboring properties or result in traffic conflicts in or around the mall.

According to the request, the new building is designed to “minimize the potential for movement conflicts and to facilitate safe and efficient movement on the site”.

The site will also provide pedestrian access from Leesburg Pike and to the Tyson Square mall.

“Vehicle traffic takes advantage of existing access points and fits logically into the large mall’s traffic framework,” Riegle wrote.

A special exception is required to allow a drive-through restaurant in a C-7 shopping district, zoning Pike 7 Plaza. The application says the new building will not prevent future redevelopment of the mall, if Federal Realty decides to pursue this option at some point.

Photos via Google maps, Fairfax County

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