Do you know anyone who doesn’t like aloo pakoda? We’re willing to bet not. The potato, first and foremost, wins our hearts with its delicious flavor, and when served crisp and fried, it does not improve. In Indian households, aloo pakoda is one of the most widespread and popular snacks. To create a tasty pakoda, simply cut up raw potatoes, put them in a batter and fry them. Of all the variations of pakoda you can make at home, aloo pakoda is one of the few that children enjoy.

This pakoda laccha aloo sooji is a great choice if you still want to whip up something unusual for yourself or your family for your next “pakoda and chai” dinner. This pakoda aloo contains uneven layers of potatoes dipped in mushy sooji batter before frying, unlike the traditional pakoda aloo. The crispy aloo lacche gives the pakoda an attractive appearance and unique texture that everyone in your family will enjoy.
Making laccha aloo sooji pakoda is just as easy as making any other pakoda dish. To make a great evening meal, serve it with your favorite chutney or tomato sauce.

If you still want to spice up your next pakoda and chai dinner for yourself or your family, try these recipes.

How to Make Laccha Aloo Sooji Pakoda Recipe

[1] Using a wide-hole grater, grate the potatoes.
[2] Add the chopped onions and the rest of the ingredients. Mix well.
[3] In a skillet, heat the oil. Simply use your fingers to pick up some of the potato mixture and drop it into the hot oil.
[4] Allow the pakoda to dry until golden brown before serving.

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