Global Food Market Stocks Up for Lunar New Year Celebrations

You can get lots of foods that are traditionally celebrated during the 2 week holiday at Global Foods

KIRKWOOD, Mo. — The Lunar New Year begins February 1. Global Foods in Kirkwood is stocked with all the ingredients and prepared meals you need to celebrate.

Taste over 30 countries at Global Foods, an international and specialty supermarket in Kirkwood. Country flags fly above the aisles so customers can easily find the food they’re looking for. Some of the flags were even donated by their loyal customers.

Shayn Prapaisilp, COO, said, “It’s been so much fun. People are overwhelmed in a good way. They saw objects they had never seen before. Sometimes they can’t even read the label. They are amazed by the vast selection across the world and the fact that it is available in St. Louis.

And right now, the East Asia and Southeast Asia section is full of delicious Lunar New Year finds.

” There is a misunderstanding. People think it is only celebrated by the Chinese. But Koreans, Vietnamese, Thais, Japanese all celebrate it. We are in aisle 9 where many of our Chinese and Taiwanese dishes are.

You can get plenty of foods that are traditionally celebrated over the 2 week holiday here at Global Foods.

“A lot of foods have meaning. For example, the dumplings represent a purse of money. If you feed dumplings, you hope for a prosperous new year. Noodles mean long life. Eating noodles at the beginning of the year hopefully gives them a happy and healthy life,” he said.

Global Foods has all the ingredients to make dumplings from scratch.

“I personally love dumplings. Me and my group of friends make them from scratch. One person makes the dough, another the filling, we pack and cook together, it’s just a community activity really fun,” he said.

But if you don’t have time to make them from scratch, you’ll want to check out their huge frozen section which has plenty of ready-made options.

“If you’re short on time and budget or cooking, we have frozen that you can fry or steam,” he said.

As for dipping sauces, you won’t be disappointed with the choice.

“We have a full range of sauces. Whether you like sweet, hot or spicy. It caters to everyone’s specific tastes…I just hope people looking for specific foods for Lunar New Year or wanting to explore the holidays involve, you can find all of your cooking ingredients here at Global Foods in Kirkwood,” a- he declared.

Global Foods is located at 421 N Kirkwood Rd. For more information visit Or on Facebook.

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