Delicious Ways to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger for Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year approaches, many people will be looking to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. While there are several traditional Lunar New Year foods, a few other feline-influenced foods and drinks could make this year’s celebration even more festive. Ready to fill the table with deliciousness?

Before entering the kitchen or behind the bar, the table can set the tone for the party. For example, Sur La Table and World Market have a wide range of tableware, dinnerware and decor that can set the scene.

Plates, napkins and cutlery in hand, it’s time to get to the food. On The Table has a Chinese Soup Dumplings Cooking Gift Set as well as Online Focus Series: Dumpling Shaping which can help the home cook prepare this traditional food. Although it takes practice, many people will find dumpling art to be a worthwhile skill.

World Market has a wide range of food items available for purchase. From fortune cookies to drinks, a variety of options are available to complete a feast without having to do all that heavy lifting.

Part of Lunar New Year celebrations is giving out red envelopes. Sucrefina has found a way to surprise and delight people with its luxury candy offerings. Combining stunning packaging with favorite candies like Green Tea Bears, Golden Pearls and Peach Tea Bears, Sugarfina brings delicious flavor to the celebration.

Lady M has created Lunar New Year and Year of the Tiger gift sets. Seasonal offerings include a variety of confections. The designs convey the feelings of the celebration. From prosperity to luck, complexity takes a long time to discover all the details.

While sweets will delight people, One thousand red bean pancakes are a must try. For anyone who hasn’t tried a red bean dessert, this option will have them falling in love with the traditional ingredient. The thin crepes with whipped pastry cream and red beans are perfect.

Although there are many sweet dishes on the menu, a good cocktail is always an important part of any celebration. Hendricks Gin and its East Coast ambassador, Erik Andersson, suggest the White Negroni.

Andersson said, “Like the uncompromising roar of a tiger, the White Negroni is as powerful as it is rewarding in its nature. By using white vermouth instead of red sweet vermouth we see a distinct brightness and finesse, while Suze has that floral and herbal balance that pairs so well with Hendrick’s Gin, resulting in a rich and complex cocktail with the elegance of a Tiger.

Year of the Tiger cocktail, photo courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin

Here’s how to make a white Negroni for Year of the Tiger celebrations


  • 1 shot of Hendrick’s gin
  • 1 dose of Dolin Blanc Vermouth
  • 1 volume of Suze


  • Mix the ingredients with ice and strain over a fresh ice cube in an old-fashioned glass. Garnish by squeezing a thin slice of lemon zest over the drink.

Hennessy’s celebrates the Year of the Tiger with a special design. Created by Zhang Enli, the unique artwork, “Poetry and Wine Welcome The Tiger” seems to represent “the hope and promise of renewed energy”. The talented Enli wove the characteristics of cognac into the artistic impressions. The resulting look is a bottle that will be part of a collection long after the Year of the Tiger is over.

As one year ends and another begins, it’s time to welcome new beginnings with a bang.

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