KCC provides face-to-face lessons

The “Korea Gastronomic Experience” cooking class.

The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) of the Korea Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) introduced new conversations and marked new beginnings with “Let’s Talk: Tastes and Lessons in K-Life,” an off-the-record seminar. two-day line to give the public a taste of how it works for face-to-face classes.

In the span of two days, a total of 40 attendees experienced different facets of Korean culture for free, evenly split into 20 attendees each day. Attendees of the two days were able to take a trip all over Korea with the Korean Food Experience and eat like Koreans with heart-healing comfort food.

They cooked and ate authentic Korean dishes with genuine Korean ingredients, giving them a taste of Korea’s rich culture and culinary customs with KCC cooking teacher Lily Min.

On the first day, contestants learned more about K-Life from Dr. Inero Ancho, who experienced it first-hand when he received his doctorate from Chonbuk National University. Dr. Ancho shared that K-Life is lifeless without Pinoy life or the Pinoy community as a support system, and he was able to share Filipino culture with Koreans through cultural activities.

KCC traditional dance teacher Jo Jang Eun leads the way.

KCC traditional dance teacher Jo Jang Eun leads the way.

Second-day candidates, on the other hand, learned more about studying in Korea with Loren Daryl Sarenas, who earned her master’s degree at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Sarenas shared his scholarship and program application process, which sparked participants’ interest in trying to study in Korea. She also shared that Korean food is hard to cope with, but once used, it can be tolerated.

While the experience wasn’t all glitz and glamour, it gave them a taste of a life of exciting adventure meeting new people, learning about a new culture and stepping out of their comfort zone. Dr. Ancho even said that it takes determination, a strong heart and a strong mind to live and survive in South Korea.

To top it all off, the first group was treated to basic Korean traditional dance steps with KCC traditional dance teacher Jo Jang Eun, where they danced to the beat of K-life traditions.

As for the second group, they learned more about Korean calligraphy and how each stroke recalls Korean traditions with KCC’s Korean language teacher, Shul Jung Wha.

Adding to this memorable experience, attendees had the chance to win exciting K-prizes through a special raffle at the end of each day. 10 lucky winners were drawn every day. KCC is currently offering free Korean language lessons, and in line with its goal of cultural collaboration between Korea and the Philippines, it plans to open Korean culture-related courses such as the Korean cooking class, the K-Pop dance. , Korean traditional dance and Korean painting.

For the past two years, it has been offering online classes, and Let’s TALK: Tastes and Lessons on K-Life marked the start of its trial face-to-face classes as it gives a taste of what KCC has to offer.

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