Nikhil Caterers Praised by Maharashtra Times as Trendsetters 2022 for Innovation in Catering Services

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Nikhil Caterers Praised by Maharashtra Times as Trendsetters 2022 for Innovation in Catering Services

August 30: Nikhil Caterers has been synonymous with high-end event and wedding catering for 50 years, serving large-scale outdoor events for up to 10,000 guests. However, the pandemic hit, the guest list was reduced to 25 people. So when a family got worried that they couldn’t invite all their friends and family, it paved the way for a new brand idea, and the concept of Marathi Pangat was born. Pangats are unique to the Maharashtrian wedding. The gathering of people seated in straight lines enjoying traditional Marathi vegetarian food on a banana leaf as conversation and laughter erupts in a festive mood.

When he could not bring Muhamad to the mountain, Nikhil decided to bring the mountain to Muhammad. For all those guests who couldn’t be invited, Nikhil introduced a whole new way to celebrate – Marathi Pangat. He seized the opportunity to home deliver the traditional wedding Pangat to 200 odd numbered guests for a virtual wedding event. After that, several requests started pouring in from abroad and Mumbai to offer their family and friends our traditional pangat. Eventually, the one-off activity became a weekend kitchen to now repeat orders daily.

The Marathi Pangat tries to revive the beautiful practice of eating healthy vegetarian meals on a banana leaf. It is a concept that represents the heart of Maharashtra and its culture with a menu that brings the most authentic and original recipes from different corners of Maharashtra, delivered right to your doorstep!

Launched in 2021, The Marathi Pangat is the passion project of Mr. Nikhil Tipnis, Director at Nikhil Caterers. Currently operating in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane, inspired by the festive satvik, traditional and auspicious celebration of Maharashtrian, Marathi Pangat food is meant to bring out positive, happy and nostalgic emotions.

The Marathi Pangat has not only garnered the appreciation and loyalty of more than hundreds of customers across Mumbai but has also been endorsed by many celebrities and pundits and has served at least 5000 pangats since its launch in June 2021. Even in attracting the attention of celebrities such as Anushka Sharma, Genelia Deshmukh, MugdhaChaphekar, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, Kunal Vijaykar etc. People are now finding reasons to come together to order THE MARATHI PANGAT. People also use The Marathi Pangat to gift their loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. It is also used for small religious ceremonies celebrated in their homes. The Pangat basket consists of 18 traditional Marathi dishes along with banana leaves, a DIY decoration box and a visual guide explaining the concept nicely packaged in a jute bag.

Marathi Pangat has had a very exciting journey so far, with nearly 30-40% of customers ordering from non-Maharashtrian communities. The company aims to bring traditional Maharashtrian cuisine to diverse communities, not just limit it to popular snacks.

MAHA – RASHTRA literally means the great state, and not surprisingly, each community and region has its set of specialties and special recipes passed down from generation to generation. The aim is to bring traditional Maharashtrian cuisine and culture to the world. Currently Maharashtrian cuisine is popular mainly for snacks like vada pav, missal etc. Nikhil Tipnis believed that regional spices and traditional recipes deserved mainstream attention to show the world how diverse and rich Maharashtrian heritage is. So that future generations can cherish and enjoy it. Promoting regional cuisines is as important as adopting an international palette. The vision is to revive and popularize Indian traditions and authentic cuisine for future generations, and the mission is to bring regional cuisine and culture from Maharashtra to various parts of India and the world. Website –

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