Princess Cruises is the first to offer an authentic gelato experience at sea

Sweet and creamy delights are the premiere of this highlight. Princess Cruises brings you an authentic cold treat served in a cup or cone as the only cruise line to offer a gelato experience at sea. Authentic Italian gelato will keep you cool on a few Princess cruise ships this season.

Princess Cruises with Authentic Gelato Experience

Princess Cruises announced that it will serve authentic ice cream on a few of its notable ships. Discovery Princess, Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess just got a little sweeter thanks to their artisanal ice cream made with delicious, certified Italian ingredients.

Not only are their ingredients authentic, but so is their process. Italian certification of quality status, Hospitalita Italianahas just been awarded to Princess Cruises‘ ice cream shops on board.

Courtesy of Princess Cruises

“The ‘Ospitalità Italiana’ is a wonderful extension of our Italian heritage and gives us the opportunity to immerse our guests in the unique Italian culture found throughout Italy in our very own square.” said John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises.

“The designation also recognizes the incredible dedication of our Pastry Chefs and their passion for delivering truly authentic experiences and the finest ingredients to our guests.”

Hospitalita Italiana is a nationally recognized Italian standard that lends credibility to its pastry chef, Eric Le Rouzic, who trained with some of Italy’s top chefs at the Gelato Comprital Atheneum in Milan and the Gelato Carpigiani University in Bologna. .

Not only is pastry chef Eric Le Rouzic amazing, but so is his expertise in making ice cream. The realisation of Hospitalita Italiana is impressive, but Princess Cruises have surely outdone themselves by becoming the only place outside of Italy to create this authentic Italian gelato experience.

Courtesy of Princess Cruises

This standard is reviewed annually by Italian auditors and issued by the Italian Chamber of Commerce to ensure that the standards are met and hopefully exceeded.

It is an honor to be supported by Hospitalita Italianaand Princess Cruises makes great strides in creating a personalized experience for its guests unlike any other artisanal ice cream at sea.

Gelato Options on Princess Cruises

Climb aboard the Discovery Princess, Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess to live a refined experience, Hospitalita Italiana certified, an ice cream that will surely delight your taste buds.

On board of Discovery Princess, The new Princess Cruises shipyou can find their gelateria decadent, Gelato. Able to accommodate up to 3,660 guests at a time, the 145,000 gross tons Discovery Princess produces plenty of ice to meet demand.

Discovery Princess boasts of having a traditional Italian gelato recipe, a testament to their dedication to maintaining top notch standards. Sky princess and enchanted princess also host their own gelaterias with artisanal ice cream, designed by Italian artisans.

Discovery Princess cruise ship
Courtesy of Princess Cruises

With a capacity of 3,660 guests, the gross ton of 141,000 sky princess offers guests a modernized cruise experience for all, having been newly built in October 2019.

enchanted princess has a tonnage of 145,000 and corresponds to the accommodation capacity of 3,660 guests; however, it is also one of Princess Cruises newest, creating a personalized cruise experience, using state-of-the-art TrulyTouchless technology.

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These amazing ships have certainly gotten softer, and their Hospitalita Italiana the certified artisanal process is designed to appeal to first-time and connoisseur travelers.

Gelato is known to have fewer calories and butterfat than traditional ice cream and offers a wide variety of dairy-free and sugar-free options.

Guests on board Princess Cruises can choose from a multitude of flavors, homemade daily and in different ways. Try their liqueur ice cream (affogato) or a savory specialty creation (coppe), featuring fresh fruit and toppings like Nutella and whipped cream.

Princess Cruise Ship Funnel

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