Exclusive Whole Foods Market Launch Nationwide Starting This Month

The only pasta that comes straight from a tree! Uniquely, the healthy, organic food brand leading a revolution for the future of food brings a one-of-a-kind healthy pasta alternative to the market – Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta. Made from just one ingredient and nothing else, consumers no longer have to sacrifice their favorite pasta dishes to eat healthy. From today, the new Organic green banana fusilli pasta is available exclusively on Whole Foods Market nationwide. It’s amazingly exfoliating!

The magic begins with freshly harvested whole organic green bananas, packed with all the nutrition, goodness and simplicity that only Mother Nature can provide. It’s a common misconception that green bananas, or unripe bananas, are less desirable, but the truth is that they offer several health benefits such as high levels of iron and potassium and are excellent sources. of fibers. Uniquely partners with its close network of certified organic farms in Mexico and Latin America to source perfect and imperfect fruit. Then, Solely uses its patented cold pressing process to transform the dried green bananas into a traditional Fusilli shape and texture that tastes just right: delicious and flavorful. The dark color Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta cooks to an al-dente texture in just four minutes with a rich, classic pasta flavor that pairs perfectly with all your favorite sauces and recipes.

“Basically, we are foodies. Uniquely is constantly looking for ways to rethink the “better for you” food movement in search of foods that are simply “good for you”. We seek to push the boundaries beyond what is just allowed, towards what is genuinely enjoyable while satisfying our need for healthy food,” said Simon Sacal, CEO of Uniquely. “Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta does exactly that; it’s a completely different take on traditional pasta but has the same taste and texture one would expect. Eating pasta made from green bananas is a delicious way to add fruit, nutrients, and fiber to your diet, while enjoying simple, minimally processed foods that are better for farmers, the planet, and our communities.

Uniquely Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta offers endless culinary possibilities, all with just one nutritious ingredient. Green bananas are a good source of fibre, high in iron and potassium, contain no added sugar and are grain and gluten free. Like all good-for-you products from Solely, Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta is Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, Certified Kosher, and Vegan- and Paleo-Friendly.

Uniquely Organic Green Banana Fusilli Pasta can pick up their boxes for $3.99 at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide starting in October, with online availability later this year To learn more about Uniquelyplease visit

About Soly

Uniquely is an innovative, people-driven clean food company rethinking every step of how food is developed, grown, bought, processed and sold. Their mission is to revolutionize the way families consume produce and make simple, clean eating accessible to everyone. Every SKU of their dried fruit, dried fruit, whole fruit gummies, and vegetable and fruit pastes are made with the fewest possible ingredients which are clearly listed on the front of the package to ensure consumer transparency. The company’s planet-focused philosophy is not just about reducing food waste by using perfect and ‘imperfect’ produce, but results in a better quality of life for their farmers. The entire line is USDA Organic, OR Kosher-certified, non-GMO Project Verified, naturally gluten-free, and vegan. For more information on Uniquely, visit

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