The Cost of Making TikTok’s Most Popular Starbucks Iced Coffees at Home


TikTok dominated the social media landscape in 2020, with a new report revealing UK adults are spending more than three hours a day on social networks. And now the app has managed to surpass two billion downloads on iOS and Android around the world.

The social media platform is full of delicious food tips, as well as dance routines, trends and more, all of which helped keep us entertained as we spent more time indoors last year. But what if these cooking tips could actually save you money?

Our latest study takes 20 of TikTok’s most viewed Starbucks iced coffee recipes and reveals how much money you could save making them at home.

Revealed: 20 of TikTok’s most viewed Starbucks iced coffee recipes

Are you a fan of extravagant Frappuccino, with all the additions of whipped cream and chocolate dusting? Or do you go for a more traditional and simple cold brew? Whatever your preference, TikTok has a recipe for just about every Starbucks coffee shop.

Taking 20 frozen drinks from the Starbucks app, we found out which cafe had the most hashtag views on the social media platform:

20 of TikTok's Most Viewed Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe Tables

First, the classic Cold Brew. Made only from coffee and ice, the drink has managed to accumulate an impressive 594.5 million views under the hashtag #coldbrew on TikTok, making it the most popular iced coffee recipe on the site.

Next on the list was the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte, which had a total of 21.7 million views under the hashtag #icedmatchalatte. Matcha drinks have become increasingly popular in cafes and restaurants due to their fun aspect and health benefits. So it is clear to understand why coffee lovers want to prepare the drink at home.

The Iced Caramel Macchiato completed the first three. The drink has proven popular among Starbucks fans thanks to its surge of sugar sweetened with caffeine. And it has proven to be equally popular online, with over 11 million seen under the hashtag #Iced Caramel Macchiato on TikTok.

Save £ 3.15 (on average) by brewing your favorite Starbucks drink at home

During the summer, having an iced coffee to start the day was the perfect way to cool off. But if you’re not yet ready to give up the life of cold drinks, don’t worry. You can make your favorite cold caffeinated drink at home, even if it’s missing from the main street menu.

Average Average Iced Coffee in Starbucks costs an eye watering £ 3.91 per drink and it is without any additional syrup pump. So how much could you really save by making the drink yourself? We discovered.

Chart of the cost of making Starbucks beverages at home vs. buying in-store

Looking at Google News recipes and average ingredient prices at three different supermarkets, we found that the drink you could save the most by making it at home is the iconic Frappuccino Coffee.

As one of Starbucks’ classic and creamy coolers, iced coffee will only cost you £ 0.16 per serving to whip you, instead of backing you up £ 4.20 each time.

The drink contains only a small number of ingredients including coffee, ice cream, milk and sugar, and would allow you to prepare 26 glasses for the price of one at Starbucks.

In second place was the Mocha Frappuccino, which will cost you just £ 0.18, to make at home. All you need is coffee, iced milk, cocoa powder and chocolate sauce and you will save yourself £ 4.02 whenever you want the sweet drink.

Third place on the list was the Java Flea Frappuccino, which could save you a total of £ 3.90 while making the drink at home. With ingredients such as coffee, ice cream, milk chocolate chips and chocolate sauce, we have calculated that the drink will only cost you £ 0.30 per serving compared to £ 4.20 at Starbucks.

The famous “pink drink” was also in the top five, and now you can make it at home for just £ 0.58 per serving. The Pink Cooler made headlines when Starbucks released a new line of cold drinks on its menu over the summer known as the ‘refresha’ line.

Make sure you have strawberries, berry tea bags, coconut milk, white grape juice, and ice cream, as you might save yourself £ 3.82 each time you want a Pink coconut refreshment.

Five of the most affordable Starbucks iced coffee recipes to recreate

Caramel Frappuccino, Iced Mocha or Iced Chai Latte? Our report reveals how cheap it is to brew some of TikTok’s most viral Starbucks drinks:

1. Iced caramel macchiato

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Source: Instagram / @peachyt__

TikTok hashtag views: 1,600,000

Price for making a portion: £ 0.40%

Cheaper than buying from Starbucks: 90%

As the third most viral Starbucks recipe on TikTok, Iced Caramel Macchiato is one of Starbucks’ most popular drinks. The sugary drink is filled with milk, sweet caramel sauce, coffee, and ice cream and will cost you just £ 0.40 to make one at home.

2. Strawberry Acai Refresha

Strawberry Acai Refresha

Source: Instagram / @peachyt__

TikTok hashtag views: 6,000,000

Price for making a portion: £ 0.66%

Cheaper than buying from Starbucks: 85%

Having only launched this year, the Strawberry Acai Refresha has become one of the most popular Starbucks drinks on TikTok and it’s easy to see why. The cool drink is great for summer, packed with strawberries, ice and acai powder, and will only set you back £ 0.66 for a serving at home.

3. White chocolate iced mocha

Iced white chocolate mocha

Source: Instagram / @lrdreaming

TikTok hashtag views: 565,000

Price for making a portion: £ 0.38%

Cheaper than buying from Starbucks: 90%

Iced White Chocolate Mocha has been a staple of the Starbucks menu for a few years now, thanks to its milder version of the classic mocha. Filled with white chocolate, cream, and more, you can now whip up the tasty drink at home for just £ 0.38 whenever you want a slightly different sugar rush.

4. Java Chip Frappuccino

Java Chip Frappuccino

Source: Instagram / @ cara_k_22

TikTok hashtag views: 685,000

Price for making a portion: £ 0.30%

Cheaper than buying from Starbucks: 93%

Are you a lover of all things chocolate? As the fifth cheapest drink in the study at just £ 0.30 per serving, the viral Java Chip drink is perfect for any chocolate junkie. Mix chocolate chips, coffee, chocolate sauce, and milk, and you’ll be filling that coffee craving in no time.

5. Pumpkin and Spice Frappuccino

Pumpkin and Spice Frappuccino

Source: Instagram /

TikTok hashtag views: 484,700

Price for making a portion: £ 0.50%

Cheaper than buying from Starbucks: 88%

As the weather cools and fall sets in, the smell of hot pumpkin spice lattes can be heartwarming. But for those who don’t yet want to say goodbye to the iced coffee craze, the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino can be a great alternative. And you can even make it at home for just £ 0.50 a serving.

Catherine Hiley, mobile expert at says: “Video streaming platforms like TikTok are now one of the most used social media sites. So it’s no surprise to see food hacks, like iced coffee making, becoming increasingly popular, while cafes were closed during the lockdown.

“Not only can it be fun trying to replicate your favorite drinks at home, especially if you want to try something new, but buying and brewing the coffee yourself can actually save a lot of money, as well. that reduce the amount of plastic. you use.

“If TikTok is going to be your inspiration for making your own iced coffee at home, it’s important that users stay safe online while using the platform, including who you share things with, making your account private, and hiding your location.

“For those who have already spotted some of Starbucks’ most viral recipes on TikTok, our new study will not only shed light on how much you actually spend on your coffees each week, but also how to prepare them at home for less than half. . the price.”


For this campaign, we took 35 iced coffees from the Starbucks app to put together a list of beverage seeds.

TikTok’s most popular iced coffees

To find TikTok’s most popular iced coffees, we used the Drink Seed List and researched their hashtags on the social media app to see which ones were viewed the most.

Home Starbucks Beverage Manufacturing Price:

1. To put together a list of drink seeds to make at home, we have selected the 20 most popular Starbucks drinks on TIC Tac found via hashtag views. Some drinks, including the “nitro” line and drinks with similar ingredients, have been removed from the list to give sufficient differentiation.

2. Recipes from sites including Delight and Cooking mischief on Google News were then compiled to find the ingredients to make each drink. Each weight of ingredients for a serving * was then converted to grams or milliliters using the following sites, Fast2Eat, Metric conversions, How many Wiki, Traditional oven, Guide to espresso coffee, Simple loose sheets, Vegan Elephantastic Strawberries, Aqua-Calc and The calculator website. A cup of ice (100g) was also used as a standard measure for all drinks.

3. To calculate the cost of ingredients, we took the top selling private label products, or the same branded product from three different supermarkets, including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s (and, when an item was not available, Ocado) and found the average price for 100g servings of each item.

4. The price of each coffee was then calculated by calculating the cost of each serving of ingredients and adding them up.

5. Finally, to compare the price of making a coffee at home with that of buying one in a store, we took the price of each drink ** in “Large” format from Starbucks app.

* Some recipes gave measurements for more than one serving, and therefore were divided to find the weight of the ingredients for a drink.

** Please note that Starbucks drink prices may differ slightly depending on your UK location

** All data is correct as of September 24, 2021 **

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