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Cafe Yama brings a taste of Japan to Tagaytay

If you ask Filipinos about their dream travel destinations, Japan will definitely be on that list. Manga has inspired many local artists, the country’s beautiful landscapes and culture continue to delight us, and dishes like ramen, tempura, and sushi have been part of our food scene for a very long time. As Manila Bulletin Lifestyle food columnist Sol Vanzi put it, “Japan lost the war but its food managed to take over the world.” Getting there in our current climate can be difficult. But if you fancy feeling that Japanese experience, there’s a new restaurant in Tagaytay that serves just that and more.

Cafe Yama (Photos by @mannyvillar on Instagram)

Launched in the early months of 2022, Cafe Yama, run by Filipino billionaire businessman Manny Villar, is on a mission to bring the best of Japanese cuisine to the Tagaytay dining scene.

“We give you a new take on Japanese cuisine with Cafe Yama, our newly opened restaurant located in Lausanne at Crosswinds, Tagaytay,” Villar said in a post. “Come and taste your delicious Japanese dishes while enjoying the beauty of nature!”

Like what you will see in the Land of the Rising Sun, the food spot embodies the Shokudo style with its warm wooden setting decorated with Wagasa (Japanese umbrellas). On the menu, a myriad of Japanese dishes, from savory donburi, bowls of comforting noodles and fresh sushi with sweet potatoes and matcha green tea cakes for dessert. What is Tagaytay dining experience without a view? People can enjoy their outdoor dining while savoring the evergreen view of Tagaytay. And at night, the place comes alive with the light of Japanese lanterns.

According to his Instagram account, Café Yama is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and until 10 p.m. on weekends and public holidays. Currently it does not accept reservations and, of course, the presentation of your vaccination card is necessary to enter its space.

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