What are tteok and how do you cook them?

If you revive your frozen tteok, chef Susan Kim says Enjoy your meal that the journey to a good tteok meal begins with a good dip in frozen Korean rice cakes; and that rehydration is an essential step. She explains, “After soaking it, it doesn’t look any different, it looks like it’s still submerged in water. But soaking the tteok before using it makes a difference in terms of overall consistency and chewing all the way to the core. “, adding that soak the tteok”[o]in the evening if you can, half a day, even an hour will make the difference. »

Once the rice cakes have been soaked, they can be dried and then used as an ingredient for a recipe of your choice. Serving the tteok with something tasty on the side is essential as they are quite bland and need an external boost. Kim is known for fry the tteokand serve them with Halloumi seasoned with Korean gochujang sauce.

But tteok isn’t always prepared in a way that might make a Korean grandma’s head spin. It can be used the traditional Korean way, i.e. stir-fried in soup or used as part of a savory stir-fry. New York chef Jennifer Kim also shared with Bon Appétit that tteok is useful when you want to prepare anything that might be rice or pasta. She recommends viewing tteok as being similar to an Italian gnocchi and treating it as such.

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