What will be the UK food trends for 2022


UK food trends for the coming year have been revealed in a new prediction article, exploring how our taste buds could change in 2022.

Through online research analysis and insight into regional data, meal box delivery company HelloFresh has identified a range of food preferences in the UK, suggesting how they might evolve over the next two months.

When it comes to cuisines, the UK has seen a steady demand for Italian recipes in 2021 with Hello fresh ship these meals to the best of all dishes. However, fusion cuisine has started to slowly catch up in popularity, and this should match (or even exceed) the country’s passion for Italian cuisine in 2022.

By digging deeper into regional ‘culinary capitals’, the company established preferences based on which regions of the country had the highest search volume for a particular cuisine.

The results were diverse, and only one location, Middlesbrough, expressed a clear preference for the country’s own dishes – suggesting that traditional cuisine will fall off our radar again in 2022, despite a resurgence in popularity during the height of the pandemic.

As our palettes adjust, the key content of our meals also adapts, and a key trend to watch out for is the addition of new sources of protein. While there may still be an increase in vegetarian options, choices such as pork and beef may become more common in dishes, replacing chicken as the option of choice.

Brits also seem keen to experiment with their carbohydrate choice based on the data. More bulky, classic carbs seem poised to dwindle, being replaced by the components needed for fusion-inspired cuisine, as rice and noodles overtake potatoes.

Data has established that healthy eating will likely support our choices more than ever in 2022, which could be the result of Britons’ commitment to finally adopt the habits they adopted during the pandemic.

Mimi Morley, Head of HelloFresh Recipe Development, commented on the results: “The next year in trends seems to bring a lot of changes to UK households, with dinner time becoming more adventurous, while still being packed with goodness.

“As we settle back into ‘normalcy’, it will be time to act on these new habits that many of us have taken on over the past year, and for many households, cooking was the place to be. ‘one of the main ways to experiment. We’re excited to see new trends embracing more adventurous eating habits! “


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