Why consumers are looking beyond “traditional” gifts this festive season

Giving is a universal phenomenon, present in many cultures and societies since the dawn of time. It signifies celebration and joy and is also a symbol of love and thoughtfulness. After a difficult year in the face of the pandemic, Indian consumers are preparing to celebrate the festival season, planning new purchases during the upcoming sales for Diwali, Dussehra and/or Christmas. With a huge range of options available, consumers are not limited to traditional gifts. However, they are open to exploring unique experiences for their loved ones.

With festival season and the accompanying sales frenzy, now is the perfect time to grab the attention of ‘brand changers’ and ‘brand loyalists’. With the plethora of choices consumers have today and their excitement for such sales events, brands can fuel their excitement by offering special offers that are thoughtful and offer the best value for money.

Changes in consumer preferences

With the paradigm shift in their preferences, consumers are now looking for innovative, thoughtful, well-organized and readily available gift options. In addition, consumers are also opting for sustainable choices for the environment in the long term. With rising per capita income, consumers are now willing to spend more for the best experiences. Another trait that has shaped the current consumer trend is the propensity of consumers to experiment and try varied offers.

Go beyond traditional gift items

While post-pandemic consumers are increasingly health conscious, their gift preferences are still centered on indulgence, particularly in the food category. And it’s not limited to offering Indian sweets or an assortment of chocolates as consumers look beyond those two options when it comes to festive enjoyment. Buyers opt for gourmet products while looking for a gift.

Today’s shoppers are looking for exquisite and eclectic gift options to make their gifts stand out from the clutter. Consumers are also willing to pay for high-quality, well-curated gifts that match their values ​​and feelings. One of those unique gifts that has grown in popularity with these changing trends is gourmet popcorn.

Why is gourmet popcorn gaining popularity?

The popcorn market is expected to grow by 14% by 2025. In addition to being a go-to snack option for years, “popcorn” has also evolved in recent years to better meet the needs of consumers when it comes to unique gifts. With the simplicity and convenience of popped kernels, the decadently flavored popcorn has become a cult favorite the world over. Available in many sweet and savory flavors, popcorns are fun, healthy, and a convenient on-the-go snack that appeals to health-conscious partygoers who are looking for premium foods with less fat and calories, and natural ingredients. . It is a nostalgic and delicious treat that has mass appeal and an upscale feel due to its perceived value by customers.

With an ever-changing palate seeking exquisite tastes and the best experiences from their purchases, today’s open consumers allow brands to pitch their offerings in hopes of a positive response. This gives enormous scope for innovation and experimentation.

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