14 differences between American and European supermarkets

Many factors influence the health of a population, and it is clear that food is one of them. According to Food Digital, a number of European supermarket chains are even willing to help improve healthy food choices. With reduced prices for plant-based products, mobile apps to help you track your shopping list (with built-in discounts for healthy choices), and methods to reduce waste, these initiatives are changing the way consumers Europeans make their purchases.

Meanwhile, Food Digital has found very limited resources of its kind on the US front. Instead, Peter Cooke of the Radio Institute, a nonprofit focused on sustainable retail food choices, explains that US retailers prioritize consumer choice and profit over nutrition or health. sustainability.

With an environment that promotes harmony between food options, well-being and ecological balance, it is not surprising that these principles are transferred to the consumer. According to a 2018 survey of European shopper insights by market research firm Information Resources, Inc., 70% of consumers care about ethical, sustainable and local grocery shopping.

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