Avoiding Thanksgiving Food Coma Will Make You Thankful


During the holiday season, holiday naps seem to follow the culinary feast. While those overflowing plates are tempting, avoiding the Thanksgiving food coma should be a priority. Do you know some tips that will make you thankful in the morning after all the gastronomic festivities?

Holidays and food always go hand in hand. From traditional dishes to new recipes, everyone has a favorite dish or two that needs to be on the plate.

While indulging in a larger portion or a favorite dish is a no-brainer, vacations are no excuse for giving up all aspects of healthy eating. Even though there had been the Turkey Trot in the morning and a spinning class scheduled for Black Friday, that doesn’t mean everyone wants to be gluttons.

Is Avoiding a Thanksgiving Food Coma Possible?

Recently, Kerri Ferraioli, nutritionist for food sensitivity specialists YorkTest shared some simple ideas that can help make the holiday feast a little more balanced. Even though that vacation nap helps avoid another conversation with Uncle Eddie, food shouldn’t be the cause.

According to Ferraioli, one of the easiest ways to avoid a Thanksgiving food coma is to go out to eat. While it can be hard to resist all of these delicacies, don’t try to put all the food together in one meal. Even though grazing does not mean less food eaten, it could make people more aware of all the food eaten.

When choosing various dishes, add a few lighter options to the table. Even though no one really eats this raw food, the reality is that balance is the key to any meal.

Consider adding a few more veggies to the mix. From side dishes to the ingredients of some favorite recipes, there are plenty of ways to squeeze in a few more veggies or even lighter fare. Just because it’s a vacation doesn’t have to be full of big meals.

Just like another question about why you got that art history degree just to work in advertising, the tryptophan talk is always part of the Thanksgiving feast conversation. Even though turkey and tryptophan are inevitable, just be aware of the impact. Maybe take one less slice of turkey and one more serving of potatoes.

Finally, finishing on a sweet note doesn’t have to be a gigantic spoonful of sugar. Consider a few recipes that replace traditional sugar with natural options. For example, dates can be used as a dessert to provide a natural sweetness.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to avoid a Thanksgiving food coma. Unlike Aunt Edna’s critical look at your new boyfriend, there are some holiday traditions that can be avoided.


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