Episode 8 – Restaurant to Another World Season 2

“Roast Beef” (Book 5, Chapter 82) sounds like the perfect treat for a cold day, which just happens to be the conditions under which I’m writing this review, even though I’m sadly without roast beef. That said, there is some joy to “Roast Beef” as a story, that the first half of Episode 8 pretty much matches the beat, aside from a few extra background details. Rorona’s rise to the Black family as a vampire-like being is faithfully tailored, with the main difference being how Rorona comes to Nekoya. In the anime, she crashes in a forest during her test flight. In the novel, she successfully steals, senses the energy of the Lord of Darkness (Kuro), and finds the door.

Honestly, I think the anime has a head start here: Rorona having a failed flight adds a bit of fun characterization to it and clings to Rorona’s encounter with old characters: Romero and Julietta, which we have. seen enjoying a steak during their desperate flight. They, like Rorona, have gone through the same transformation to be part of the black brood to which Rorona belongs, and are her vehicle to roast beef heaven. When we finally see Rorona dining on a rather rare roast beef, the flavor of the moment is heightened by the setup.

It’s actually a very simple first half, and that simplicity is something that Restaurant in another world has become a unique force. One of the great advantages of the series in all its versions is that it prevents dumping too much lots of info. This will give you your fair share, of course, but it is never too much. If anything, it’s just enough to help you fill in the blanks on the parts of the world we can’t engage with. Restaurant in another world 2 does this even more closely, weaving snatches on the inhabitants of the otherworldly, which gives us a more complete picture of the clients with whom the Master deals. I think that’s why Rorona and “Roast Beef” stand out so much: there’s a lot of low-key world-building around the main event to get some good second-hand vibes from all of the characters dining on delicious food.

On the other hand, “Cheesecake Again” is less of a world-building episode than a moment spent with Hilda, one of Nekoya’s regulars. Only this time, she’s not alone: ​​she has company, and they’re all delicious, literally monstrous (in this case, demonic) women. And much like “Roast Beef,” the story is pretty much an individual adaptation, leaving out details that color the world, but don’t hurt in their absence.

This vignette is as sweet as the cheesecake that Hilda, “Poison Viper” Ranija and Alicia the “Fembear” (god, what a name) eat. It’s just a nice time between a group of young women who are carving out careers and living like mercenaries in a world where they are distinguished by their racial differences, but still have a place. This is also another time to get some information on world building. , although that’s not the central focus: their mutual friendship and the three types of cheesecake they try – soufflé cheesecake, no-bake (or rare) cheesecake, and a slice of baked cheesecake – are at the center, although the novel’s version of that the story builds up to the “main event” rather than dropping us off directly.

Yet, this is once again where the anime excels: it cuts out some detail without losing the heart of the story and what makes it so delicious. Sure, it’s fine to flesh out Hilda and her companions, along with their trek and demonic cultivation of their world, but the anime communicates this pretty well through solid animation, scenes of the trio fighting and crawling through them. dungeons, and ultimately, a return visit to Nekoya backed up by upbeat music. Novels are good, but don’t overlook the show itself: in many ways it offers a tighter story that’s good until the last bite, uh … until you close your tab or window. .

All in all, Episode 8 is another enjoyable entry into the world that is beautifully more Restaurant in another world 2. It’s the perfect comfort food anime for fall / fall 2021, and still a great way to spend thirty minutes of your week. Each episode is, at a minimum, deliciously delicious, offering an answer to the question, “Do people from another world like Western-style Japanese cuisine?” With a smile and a wink.

Next week: “Macaroni Gratin”, which… yum, I love it: prepare me a full plate! And… um, “Fruit Jelly”, which I’m not a fan of, but which certainly won’t bother me seeing a visitor to Nekoya feasting on it. As always, I look forward to Sat Day: it can’t come soon enough!


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