Brian Baumgartner reveals what it’s like to be a chili judge


While his character “Kevin” may have spilled some chili, Brian Baumgartner reveals the secrets of some of the best chili peppers in the country. As a judge at the recent Chili Cook-Off World Championship, Baumgartner learned a few tips and tricks for the best bites in this bowl. Could these secrets make the home cook a champion of chili?

Although some home cooks have had their own version of a chili bake, the professional judge has a very special role in the judging process. While taking a break from tasting, Baumgartner spoke with FoodSided and explained the ins and outs of the health benefits of chili.

When it comes to judging, there is a way to eat it all. From the sampling model of each bowl to the anonymity of the contestants, Baumgartner was surprised that the formality really works to keep the judges from feeling overwhelmed, as well as to avoid any issues with the chili spill.

Since Baumgartner embraced his connection to chili pepper and potential spills, he has talked about techniques for avoiding spills at this competition. Even though there was no anti-spill pot or large bib, the judging method helped him avoid spilling his shirt. Maybe these techniques could come out in a future chili day segment.

Brian Baumgartner has found the secret to a good chili?

According to Baumgartner, the World Championship Chili Cook-off found the perfect amount for each judge to taste to avoid chili overload. Even after tasting 20 peppers, he was able to determine what his three preferences would be. Also, it was quite interesting that the many judges got similar results. It looks like a big chili really stands out in the crowd.

While only one Chili Champion can be crowned in each category, the reality is that good Chili comes in all varieties. Baumgartner shared that some of his favorites were both traditional and non-traditional flavors.

Only one person won the coveted Chili Champion Jacket. Yet the whole festival showed that chili is an expression of personality. From family recipes passed down to the conversation about flavor, this bowl of chili offers more convenience than people realize.

Has Brian Baumgartner learned the secret ingredient from the champion chili?

During the event, Baumgartner gave a cooking demonstration with one of Chile’s champions. While the quick demo deals with everything chili-related, Baumgartner has learned a secret ingredient that could change a chili recipe in the future.

According to Baumgartner, he’s learned that the Chili Champion uses arrowroot flour in the recipe. He explained that “the arrowroot helps to combine all the spices and all the flavors. It’s not necessarily a thickening component, but it seems to sweeten all the ingredients.

Since a chili champ has revealed one of his secrets, it could be the little push to make that next pot of chili even tastier. It might not necessarily win the jackpot, but it could make that chili stand out in the crowd.

And, don’t forget those Bush Beans in the pot. It’s the classic ingredient that always makes a pot of chili taste better.

Do you have a chili secret to share? What’s the best chili you’ve eaten?

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