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ELMA, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 20, 2022–

Elmhurst 1925maker of simple, nutritious and incredibly deliciously creamy plant-based beverages, today announced that three of its products – chocolate milk oats, unsweetened milk oats and unsweetened milk cashews – will now be sold at all Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

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Elmhurst Chocolate Milk Oats, Unsweetened Milk Oats and Unsweetened Milk Cashews are now available at Whole Foods Market nationwide. (Photo: BusinessWire)

The announcement comes at an exciting time for the brand, which has seen immense success across multiple launches in 2021; these include the brand’s recent seasonal holiday collection and its latest innovation, the pistachio line comprising the Pistachio Barista Edition and Pistachio Crème Creamer. Now, Elmhurst is excited to bring some of its most popular staples to consumers nationwide as demand for plant-based alternatives increases.

“More than ever, shoppers are looking for plant-based alternatives with healthy, recognizable ingredients,” said Heba Mahmoud, senior director of brand marketing at Elmhurst. “We are excited to expand the availability of our clean and simple products to Whole Foods buyers nationwide, especially in markets we have not yet tapped into in the United States. We know that these three products basics will resonate with plant enthusiasts and consumers new to the lifestyle. Most importantly, we are excited to continue Elmhurst’s mission to provide simple, sustainable and nutritionally complete products to customers around the world. entire.

That of the brand Chocolate milk oats is made with just six simple ingredients, including a full serving of whole grains. With 20g of whole grains per serving and a fraction of the sugar made with processed Dutch cocoa, this thick and creamy plant-based drink is the perfect answer to chocolate dairy. from Elmhurst Unsweetened milk oats and Unsweetened milk cashew nuts, from the brand’s signature unsweetened range, offer delicious alternatives to traditional dairy milk with as few as three ingredients; oats, water and salt or cashews and water. The perfect milk to add to plant-based smoothies or pair with cereal, unsweetened oats and cashews invoke a neutral flavor and creamy texture. With no added sugars or artificial flavors, these plant milks bring out the rich, natural flavors of oats and cashews.

These base products, as well as all Elmhurst products, are made without artificial flavors, carrageenans, gums, oils or other emulsifiers. These varieties are also Certified Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Dairy Free, and Kosher OU. Additional information includes:

  • Chocolate milk oats – Featuring 20g of whole grains per serving and a fraction of the sugar, this chocolate oat milk is the answer to chocolate dairy simplification.
  • Unsweetened milk oats – Made simply with just oats, water and a touch of salt and packed with 25g of whole grains for a creamier, more filling oat milk.
  • Unsweetened milk cashew nuts – Made with only cashews and water, with up to three times more nuts per serving than other leading brands.

Like all Elmhurst products, these drinks are made using a unique HydroRelease™ method. Using only water, this process separates the components of a nut, grain or seed before reassembling them into a creamy, ready-to-drink emulsion, maintaining the ingredient’s full nutrition. source without added gums or emulsifiers. This zero-waste process turns all waste into renewable energy and is powered by 100% renewable hydroelectric power to promote sustainability at every step of the process.

Elmhurst herbal products can be purchased at natural and traditional grocers nationwide including Sprouts, Wegmans, Publix, Kroger, Ralph’s, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Smith’s Food & Drug, Roundy’s, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, Fairway, Shaws and more, more online at Elmhurst1925.com and Amazon.co.uk. To learn more about Elmhurst Plant Milks, please visit www.elmhurst1925.com.

About Elmhurst 1925

Elmhurst 1925 makes simple, nutritious, and incredibly delicious plant-based nut and grain milks. Elmhurst was founded in 2017, but the company’s roots date back to 1925. Originally Elmhurst Dairy, the multi-generational family organization operated for almost a century under Max Schwartz and his son Henry. After meeting the pioneer of plant-based nutrition, Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, Henry made a gradual turn and decided to shut down her famous dairy plant and found Elmhurst Milked. All Elmhurst plant milks are created through a unique HydroRelease™ method, which uses water to harness the full nutritional content of raw nuts, grains and seeds. Nutrients are separated and recombined naturally to form a smooth, creamy drink without the use of gums or added stabilizers. All Elmhurst varieties contain six or fewer ingredients, no added gums or emulsifiers, and up to four times more nuts than other leading brands. To find out more about Elmhurst, please visit www.elmhurst1925.comor find us Facebook and instagram.

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