Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea opens its doors at Carmel


September 2021

Who doesn’t love tasty and FAST food without sacrificing health and FRESH? If you’re looking for a new, locally owned and operated food establishment to add to your weekly lunch or dinner rotation, be sure to try Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea at Clay Terrace, formerly a Starbucks establishment.

Many locals may recognize successful restaurateurs Ren Yang and his wife, Lin Guo. The couple previously ran the Koto Japanese Steakhouse in Carmel before they started building their extensive restaurant and dining brand in the greater metropolitan area. Most recently, Yang and Guo opened Harmony Steak House in Whitestown, Indiana. As residents of the north, the couple decided to re-establish their brand in Carmel, Indiana with the recent opening of Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea in Clay Terrace.

Growing a family dynasty

Their dedication to the highest standards in food and customer service is what drives Yang and Guo’s success. They opened two of their restaurants (Meet Noodles and Tsaocaa Indy) in the Castleton area in 2018 and 2019 and Harmony Steak House in Whitestown in 2020.

While each location offers a different dining experience, customers will easily recognize the attention to detail regarding the location’s ambience, fresh ingredients, and exceptional customer service standards.

“Each of our locations is different from the others, but there are ‘signature’ elements that tie them together so you know this is one of our stores or restaurants,” Yang explained. “We are focused on expanding our Harmony brand so that if you think of sushi, poke, or hibachi, you think of Harmony as one of your local dining options.”
In addition to the recent inauguration of Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea, Yang explained that he and his wife, Lin, are planning to open other poke and bubble tea as well as hibachi / steakhouse locations in communities of Fishers and of Whitestown. such a distant future. They are also meeting with Indianapolis airport officials regarding a possible expansion of the airport’s food court.

Express lunch or dinner without compromising on quality

Harmony Poké and Bubble Tea will offer its guests a simplified and interactive approach to ordering quality food. A similar concept to ordering at the Chipotle Mexican Grill, customers will order their food and drinks and watch their meals and drinks being prepared as they add their favorite flavors and / or toppings.
The menu offers a variety of dishes, bubble teas and other tasty drinks to satisfy a variety of specific tastes and dietary preferences. Vegetarian options are also available.

So whether it’s getting together for lunch and enjoying a poke bowl served with great ingredients like sushi rice, veggies and salmon, or ordering take out and bring back. take home one of Harmony’s signature dishes – spicy ginger chicken – or meet up after school or after dinner for a creamy, artisan avocado milkshake, dragon fruit smoothie or a Fragrans Oolong tea garnished with delicious fresh fruit, Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea offers the highest quality ingredients available.

What is bubble tea?

If you haven’t tried the delicious drink known as bubble tea yet, you’re missing out!
Bubble tea, also known as boba milk tea or boba tea, is a cold and frothy drink made from shaken tea with flavors, sweeteners and / or milk with tapioca pearls on the base of the beverage. Yang explained that he is from Taiwan and is becoming even more popular in the United States.

Yang added, “We make sure that all the ingredients we use are as close as possible to the genuine ingredients from Taiwan. We also make sure to use good quality teas to blend them.
Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea offers several different bubble tea options as well as a variety of fresh smoothies and yogurt milkshakes with over 20 topping options.

Convenience is the key

Just as Yang and Guo oversee every element of the design of each of their locations and the selection of quality ingredients and staff, the couple are incredibly ‘hands-on’ with each of their locations and visit them daily to ensure that their standards are met and their customers enjoy their dining experiences.
“We are focused on finding the right people to run our sites and making sure we are available to resolve any issues that may arise,” Yang said. “We want to make sure that every location looks good to us and to our customers. “

Yang stressed that it is important to him and his wife that their customers feel welcome and enjoy their meals in a clean and relaxing environment. Guests will appreciate the completely renovated interior of Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea. Its warm and inviting decor, contemporary yet comfortable, creates a place to enjoy a quick and healthy meal in a relaxing environment. Convenience being another factor that Yang and Guo offer their customers, the couple are developing a “Harmony” app – for Android and Apple users – that will allow customers to find a location near their home. them, view menus, order online and also order gift cards. The app will also include a “rewards” program as a reward for loyal customers. The app is expected to launch in October.


Poké Harmony

Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea opens its doors at the end of August. Each dish and drink brings an array of flavors and pleasure to the dining experience. So if you are looking for a delicious lunch or dinner in a relaxed, family atmosphere, come and try Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea and help us welcome Ren and Lin to the community!
For more information, opening hours and to see the full menu, visit harmoniepokebubbletea.com.
Make sure to follow Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.

Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Harmony Poké & Bubble Tea can be found in Clay Terrace at 14490 Clay Terrace Blvd., Suite 120, Carmel, IN 46032.

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