Meet Fayaz, who turned a barren piece of land into an eco-village

Fayaz said he bought the site to build Sagg in 2013. It was deserted and abandoned land in the foothills. It was completely covered in rocks and thorns and lacked even the most basic amenities like electricity and water.

But I believed I could successfully develop this piece of land. We were able to gradually and slowly transform the property into what it is today with the help of our volunteers and staff.
“Born into a farming family in Ganderbal, Fayaz traveled outside Kashmir to study and started working at the age of 15.

Over the next two decades, he studied commerce, business, human resource development, sustainable development and conflict transformation. He has worked for about 10 different organizations in the fields of educational, organizational and developmental practice, administration and research in various cultural contexts. Fayaz has traveled to around 20 different countries for work and education. He returned to Kashmir in 2010 with a mission to share his experience and learning with younger generations.

“J&K’s first eco-village was established in 2013 and is called Sagg. Sagg is a nature farm, cultural retreat and regenerative lifestyle company that designs, develops and promotes recreation, education and lifestyle services, spaces, products and programs for individuals, families and groups using a unique synthesis of ecology, cultural and scientific wisdom. Sagg is located in Ganderbal near a multi-ethnic area with rich cultural heritage, on the charming foothills of Harmukh overlooking the Sindh and Nigeen valleys,” Fayaz said.

“We prepare and sell healthy foods made from natural ingredients and traditional recipes, as well as artisanal lifestyle products based on environmentally friendly processes,” said Fayaz who coaches individuals, groups and organizations to achieve the desired transformation for personal development and professional improvement and social well-being.

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