Motto’s burger innovations change the menu of the casual dining chain


Casual dining chain Motto Motto continues to innovate with its menu, introducing Japanese-inspired burgers alongside its rice, ramen and curry bowls.

With former Huxtaburger boss Matt Fickling now COO at Motto Motto, is it any wonder that burgers have popped into this business?

This new Japanese take on the menu follows the brand’s philosophy of innovating and blending traditional and modern Japanese or Japanese-inspired dishes, to bring fine, quality ingredients to the world of fast and casual dining.

Matt said, “Our chef-designed, Japanese-inspired burgers feature top quality local ingredients backed by real food credentials – all for the same price as a standard at your local burger restaurant.

“We are excited to launch this new product category to support our restaurants and franchisees. “

Motto Motto is a group of upscale, casual, made-to-order restaurants created by William Liu, the owner of Australia’s most award-winning Japanese restaurant, Sono.

The key to its offering is the selection of premium Australian ingredients and this continues with the new line of burgers.

On the menu are Australian farmed Wagyu beef, stallless pork for the Pork Katsu burger, a lobster and shrimp nugget, and RSPCA approved free-range chicken used in the Hot and Spicy Chicken Karaage.

As an accompaniment, Japanese-style sauces and accompaniments such as yuzu mayonnaise, sake pickles and sweet / savory tonkatsu sauce.

To celebrate menu innovation, Motto Motto is celebrating International Cheeseburger Day on September 18 by offering 100 premium 6+ Wagyu Marble Notes cheese burgers; there is also a two-for-one offer for customers who miss the freebies. Burger lovers can also enter to win a Burger Year on Motto Motto’s Facebook and Instagram.

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