Nissin Foods Introduces New Cup Noodles® Stir Fry ™ Rice with Noodles


The newest addition to the Cup Noodles line was created in response to the resounding consumer call for noodles and rice together in one meal – proving that there is a great appetite for carbohydrate-on-carbohydrate action. According to a national survey??, 49% of Millennials (ages 25-35) crave this ultimate comfort food mashup.

Cup Noodles Stir-Fried Rice with Noodles makes popular Asian rice dishes even more delicious with stir-fried noodles mixed together for a unique and satisfying take-out alternative, available in Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, Korean Spicy Beef, and Yellow Curry varieties. Thai. This Cup Noodles innovation has arrived just in time to warm things up for the cozy season, with over 50% of Americans preferring to cook at home with loved ones during the cold winter months.??.

“To celebrate Cup Noodles’ 50th anniversary this year, we pay tribute to the innovative spirit of our founder Momofuku Ando by boldly going where no Cup Noodles has gone before – from fried rice to noodles,” said Jaclyn Park, Vice-President, Marketing, Nissin Foods United States. “You heard it here first – we’re not just a noodle business anymore. Some may think we’ve gone too far, but notice our words – the rice and the noodles were just made to be together.”

This convenient, delicious and filling rice meal with noodles is ready in minutes with just a little water in the microwave. To try it out for yourself, visit to locate your nearest Cup Noodles Fried Rice with Noodles now available in the ramen aisle on select Walmart shelves.

About Nissin Foods
Nissin Foods was established in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, ​​who invented the first instant ramen noodle in Japan inspired by his belief that “peace will come to the world when there is enough food”. In 1970, Nissin Foods United States opened its first factory in Gardena, California, introducing ramen noodles to American consumers. In 1971, Cup Noodles was launched in Japan, then debuted as Cup O ‘Noodles in the United States in 1973, revolutionizing the industry by creating a product that could package, prepare and serve noodles all in one. For over 60 years, Nissin Foods has been creating delicious and convenient Asian-inspired dishes at an affordable price. Nissin Foods United States develops and markets a variety of products, including Cup Noodles®, Top Ramen®, Bowl of noodles® Jumped up, Wok over hot and spicy heat and RAOH®. The company’s business philosophy inspires a commitment to taste, convenience and quality.

?? Nissin Foods Google Survey of 1,000 U.S. Consumers Aged 18 and Over Sep 7 – Oct 2, 2021.

SOURCE Nissin Foods

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