Ree Drummond’s fried mozzarella recipe is ‘so addictive’

Ree Drummond cooks up an easy fried mozzarella recipe that uses a quick shortcut ingredient to save time. The pioneer woman star also offers a more traditional mozzarella stick recipe if you’re looking for a crispier appetizer.

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Ree Drummond cooks up a recipe for shortened fried mozzarella

Drummond made his fried mozzarella recipe on an episode of The pioneer woman dedicated to three-ingredient dishes. “The next one I’m sharing is such an addictive appetizer that there’s no way you can stop at just one,” she said.

“Everyone loves fried mozzarella sticks. I’m serious. Every person I know,” Drummond continued.

“I’m going to show you how to make fried mozzarella using spring roll wrappers,” she added. “It saves so much mess, definitely saves time, and it allowed me to turn fried mozzarella into a three-ingredient recipe.”

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How to Make Fried Mozzarella Sticks from Ree Drummond

Drummond first laid out an egg roll wrapper and used his finger to paint water along the edges to seal the wrapper.

She placed the string cheese diagonally on one corner and wrapped the spring roll wrapper around the cheese. Halfway through, she tucked in the edges and continued to wrap the cheese.

Drummond fried the appetizer for a minute and a half in oil, then flipped the sticks over to fry the other side and removed them on a paper towel to drain. “I can’t get over how deliciously crispy they are,” she said. “They are so beautiful and so simple.”

The pioneer woman star served the appetizer with a hot sauce. “Jarred marinara is one of my favorite ingredients for shortcuts,” she said. I use it all the time.”

Drummond added, “It hardly gets better than this in the appetizer business.”

The full recipe is available at Food Network website.

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Drummond makes restaurant-style fried mozzarella sticks

For a more traditional option, Drummond has that as well. She wrote about her recipe for fried mozzarella sticks in a blog post on The pioneer woman website.

“OK OK. Good. Mozzarella sticks, American chain restaurant, yum, good, everyone loves them, yada yada yada,” she wrote.

Drummond continued, “Please listen. You haven’t tried fried mozzarella sticks until you made them yourself at home, and you didn’t try fried mozzarella sticks until you made these fried mozzarella sticks. Marlboro Man loves American chain restaurant mozzarella sticks (it’s such an easy date)…”

The Food Network host added: ‘And last night he proclaimed these to be the best he’s ever eaten. Then he gave me the key to his heart. Then he said he would get the key back if I didn’t do this every day for the rest of his life. Awww, just kidding. He said weekly!

Drummond made garlic and herb mozzarella sticks during an episode of The pioneer woman. She cut the mozzarella cheese in half, coated each in flour, dipped it in the egg, then coated it again in the flour and put it back in the egg. “Normally I would use panko breadcrumbs or regular seasoned Italian breadcrumbs, but I use garlic and herb pita chips,” she explained. “And I ground them well, so they look like breadcrumbs.”

After all the cheesesticks were coated, she shared her secret to getting the best results. “You want to put them in the freezer first,” she said. “You just need to stick them for about 15 minutes or so, and that’ll just give you a little more leeway while you fry them before the mozzarella starts to burst from the coating.”

She fried the breaded cheese in hot oil until golden.

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