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Wellness Manager Sun Chlorella announces the launch of the Japanese History Collection in partnership with Japanese artist Tamaju. The hand-painted packaging is inspired by different eras of Japanese history. The collection, an elevation of the brand’s classic chlorella udon noodle design, is representative of the culture’s historic past and features designs that draw inspiration from different eras.

TORRANCE, Calif., 11 July2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Wellness leader partners with artist Tamaju and draws design inspiration from different eras of Japanese history.

Sun Chlorella, the world’s leading supplier of chlorella supplements and digestible chlorella products, today announced the launch of the Japanese History Collection. The collection, an elevation of the brand’s classic chlorella udon noodle design, focuses on hand-painted packaging that draws inspiration from different eras of Japanese history. With designs created by a renowned painter Tamaju collection is available in wholesale immediately and will be available to consumers within August 2022.

Enriching udon noodles – a traditional Japanese noodle made from wheat, water and salt – with eight grams of wellness-boosting chlorella, Sun Chlorella has created a quick and easy dry noodle that’s ready after five minutes. cooking and can be used to create extremely versatile dishes.

“We are thrilled to introduce our beautiful Japanese History Collection packaging to the world and let our customers benefit from chlorella while collecting these works of art created by Tamaju,” said Futoshi Nakayama, President and CEO of Sun Chlorella Corporation. “The marriage of cultural beauty and the power of wellness is deeply representative of what we strive for at Sun Chlorella. We are proud to work with Tamaju on these designs that showcase the rich history of Japan and celebrate art, well-being and innovation.”

Sun Chlorella celebrates the product’s new look this summer with a variety of designs created by Tamaju from Osaka, Japan. For the designs themselves, Tamaju, which typically specializes in classical Japanese paintings and reproduction, as well as the preservation and restoration of cultural heritages, drew inspiration from key eras in Japanese history to create product packaging. representative of the historical past of the culture. The collection is made up of six designs that draw inspiration from different eras, including:

  • Kofun Era: This cover is inspired by outfits found on Haniwa sculptures, clay figurines that date back to the Kofun era (around 400 AD). “Kofun” refers to the mounded burial tombs that were established by from Japan elite. These tombs were often decorated with Haniwa figures.
  • Nara Era: This blanket is inspired by the clothes worn by aristocrats during the Nara period (around 700 AD). Buddhism was highly developed at that time and had a profound influence on many aspects of Japanese culture, such as language, literature, arts, and fashion.
  • Heian Era: This blanket is inspired by the attire worn by aristocrats in the Heian period (around 900 AD). During this period, “Kokufu Bunka”, a term for independently developed Japanese culture, as well as the invention of two Japanese scripts, “Hiragana” and “Katakana”, were introduced.
  • Momoyama Era: This cover is inspired by the dress worn by courtesans during the Momoyama period (around 1500 AD). It was an era of constant territorial warfare. Many castles were built and tea ceremonies became popular during this time.
  • Edo Era: This blanket is inspired by the attire worn by merchant families in the Mid-Edo period (around 1700 AD). It was a period of economic growth and strict social order. The genre of Japanese art called “Ukiyo-e” and from Japan national sport, sumo”, gained popularity at this time.
  • Taisho Era: This cover is inspired by the attire worn by fashionable people during the Taisho era (around 1900 AD). Western influence was common during this period, including the rise of a liberal “Taisho democracy”. Japanese people started wearing Western clothes and eating Western cuisines around this time.

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