The secret ingredient that will change your tuna salad forever

According to Salted Spoon, if you want to add that extra kick of flavor to your tuna salad, you should consider adding soy sauce to your recipe. Speak cooking channel, soy sauce has been around since 300 AD and is an important condiment when eating sushi, ramen, lo mein, or other Asian recipes we know and love. Why? Because soy sauce adds “umami” to any recipe you want to pop. It’s this rich, savory depth of flavor, paired with a subtle sweetness, that ensures the addition of soy sauce will knock your socks off your tuna salad.

However, as Salted Spoonful explains, soy sauce is only part of the secrecy equation. The other part is to allow your tuna to soak in the sauce for three hours to overnight. This marinade allows those fermented brown juice flavors to unfold their magical powers. You might be wondering, is it really that delicious?

Well, it must be because Jimmy John’s sandwich shop also uses soy sauce to create their tuna salad sandwich and there’s a lot of imitated recipes there that come pretty close to the delicious taste of Jimmy John’s version of this sandwich. How much soy sauce should I add? By Reddit½ cup does the trick.

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