The world’s most delicious traditional dishes you’ll want to try

Zurek is a famous traditional dish from Poland. (Shutterstock representative image)

This Easter, prepare these traditional dishes from around the world for your family and friends

HAPPY EASTER 2022: Easter, one of the important festivals of the Christian community, will be celebrated and observed on April 17 this year. The festival is observed two days after Good Friday. Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His crucifixion took place on Friday after he was betrayed by one of his disciples Judas. At Easter, people attend mass, offer prayers, dine with their families, and decorate their homes.

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This Easter this year, prepare these traditional dishes from around the world for your family and friends:

  1. Zurek
    It is a famous traditional dish from Poland. Zurek is a soup made with rye flour, sausage, carrots and basil, and includes other spices. The dish is served with boiled eggs. Zurek’s taste is sometimes a little sour.
  2. Leg of Lamb Pascal
    It is a famous dish from France. The lamb shank is roasted and served with beans and potatoes. Most of the Easter menu in France is red meat.
  3. Roast Ham
    This is a traditional Easter dish prepared exclusively in the United States. Easter celebrations in the United States are very different from the rest of the world, and a sweet-tasting roast ham rules the dinner table.
  4. Capirotada
    It is a typical Mexican Easter food. Capirotada is a bread pudding with fruit. It also includes other ingredients like fruits, cloves, and cinnamon. Even though the recipe changes by region, the key ingredients remain the same.
  5. Pascualina Pie
    This Argentinian dish is European inspired. Torta pascualina is a savory dish filled with spinach, parsley, ricotta, whole boiled eggs and garlic.

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