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HYDERABAD: Since the pandemic hit the world, there has been an increasing emphasis on fitness and nutrition. This has led many people to refrain from snacking on namkeens and indulging in mithais. Now with the festival season resisting temptation is going to be a task.

But what if traditional sweets and snacks could be made healthier? Laddu Box, founded by Kavita and Sundeep, attempted to do just that. “The idea behind our brand was to make people think of laddu as a snack and not a candy,” says Kavita.

When the couple were abroad, they missed Indian sweets so much that it made them want to make a healthier alternative, something they could munch on without the guilt. “As a housewife I started making these healthy laddus and people loved them. We went back to India and took this concept forward by launching Laddu Box, ”Kavita explains.

The brand sells 13 varieties of laddus, five varieties of chikki and recently introduced roast snacks. “All of these products are made from traditional ingredients. We also have different varieties of roasted seeds like flax seeds. The candies are made from jaggery. We also customize the laddus and dates used for vegan customers. The couple plan to launch grilled snacks during Dasara and Diwali.


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