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Winter season has arrived, and we can’t help but indulge in our annual winter rituals of snuggling in bed with a hot drink and some delicious finger food.

Thanks to the gloomy atmosphere of the season, snacking continues to be at an all time high, with frequent cravings to combat the cold.

Winter is known for its effect on our appetite, which seems to increase tenfold. Cravings for hot salty snacks are common, so we strive to produce a dish with a variety of flavors. Preparing delicious snacks can completely satisfy your cravings, especially when you are looking for something light to eat between meals.

Chef Kunal Kapur shares some comforting winter snack ideas

Oat masala idli
Idli is a popular dish across the country, traditionally made with suji, lentils and rice. To add an interesting twist to this dish, replace the suji with oats and pair it with complementary herbs and spices. Classic Masala flavored Saffola Masala oats are a great combination for this dish. You can quickly grab a pan and make oat idlis, which beats the traditional, time-consuming dish that requires a lot of prep time for cooking. It’s ready just in time so you can keep watching your favorite movie in bed.

Oats Masala Cheela
Cheelas are a favorite evening snack for households, and they are also very easy to prepare. You can incorporate interesting mixes to enhance the flavor of your homemade cheela. So, make this delicious snack at home while using flavors to suit your taste. Add chopped vegetables and carrots to add freshness to your oat masala cheela. The Saffola Masala Oats Veggie Twist flavor can really add that spice to the snack. You can also have this snack with a fresh green chutney dip for a fun touch.

Crispy Oatmeal Masala Patties
It’s time to stop staring in the fridge or reheating frozen snacks whenever you’re hungry. Winter makes us crave hot and salty dishes that keep us full longer and give us an explosion of flavors to overcome the monotony of time. What better way to cook than something that meets all of these requirements? Oatcakes are a fancy snack that can be prepared easily. You can add crushed garlic, pepper and corn for flavor. Saffola Masala Oats Peppy Tomato flavor is a great combination for this snack to include that spiciness and spiciness. You can also prepare a creamy sauce to accompany this snack.

These warm, soothing drinks will make you sip even more!

Masala Chai is an irresistible hot drink to be enjoyed in winter. A handful of aromatic ingredients can be incorporated to suit your taste, such as jaggery, to beat the cold.

Badam’s milk is a popular drink flavored with almonds and spices like cinnamon, and it can also be sweetened by adding sugar.

Turmeric and honey milk are a great combination and have a lot of benefits, one of the main being that it helps keep warm and warm during winters.

With a plethora of ingredients to choose from, you can get creative at snack time! With so many different snacks and customizations to choose from, you don’t have to worry about those cravings anymore. Take a saucepan and satisfy your cravings.


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